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In order to send and receive electronic messages to and from your loved one in prison, you may need to purchase credits first. In addition to sending or receiving messages from an incarcerated individual, you can also use SmartJailMail credits to access other services such as sending photos and also scheduling a video visit.

Since any services in SmartJailMail are paid, you may wonder whether or not free credits are available and can be obtained. However, service credit is such a gate to access any electronic messaging feature in SmartJailMail. Certainly, you need to know more about service credits including credits for free in SmartJailMail. Let’s see our post to find information about it!

Can You Get SmartJailMail Credits for Free?

Unfortunately, we did not find the information about SmartJailMail free credits, though we’ve taken a little research from internet sources. We think that SmartJailMail will also likely be not providing the system to approve free credits.

However, SmartJailMail service credits are cheaper than a postage stamp and envelope. The electronic message will be sent with postage paid and it will be free to open and read for the recipient. Aside from that, the messages can also be sent to collect/ ‘COD’ for free, but it will be paid for by the recipient.

According to the rules, either sender or recipient will also be charged if they send or receive electronic messages with the SmartJailMail system. It’s proof that there are SmartJailMail service credits for free that you can obtain.

The SmartJailMail system seems to ease you to stay-connected with your loved one in prison through any services including SmartJailMail electronic messaging system, a video visitation and many more. Even though you’re charged for purchasing service credits, it doesn’t matter, as long as you can easily connect with your loved one in prison, right?

How Much Does SmartJailMail Credit Cost?

SmartJailMail service credits cost one cent each. The minimum purchase of credits at a time is about 500 credits ($5.00). You may need to spend a different number of credits, depending on the paid service you use in the SmartJailMail system.

Here’s detail cost of SmartJailMail paid services:

  • Electronic message will cost 50 credits each to send (about 50 cents)
  • Sending a photo will cost 100 credits (about $1.00)
  • Remote video visitation will cost 50 credits per minute (about 50 cents per minute) in 15 minutes or 30 minutes increments, depending on the facility.

Each transaction will be subject to a $1.50 processing fee regarding the amount of the purchase. The absolute minimum purchase amount is $6.50 for 500 credits at one cent each plus the processing fee. Of course, there are no other charges or fees. It is important to note, the service credits you have purchased are non-refundable.

How to Buy Credits in SmartJailMail?

SmartJailMail offers you service credits at an affordable price, cheaper than postage or envelope. Of course, credits can be purchased at You can purchase SmartJailMail service credits with your debit or credit card. The most acceptable cards to buy SmartJailMail credits are Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

Credits can be purchased when composing a message through SmartJailMail electronic message system. you can buy as many credits as you want and then use them at any time. The SmartJailMail service credits are available in 500-credit increments, with a minimum purchase of $5.00 (one cent each). In this case, credits can also be sent to your contacts, so they will respond to your messages quickly.

Here’s how to purchase SmartJailMail credits!

  • After logging into your SmartJailMail account, you can start to compose a message.
  • Before composing a message, you will need to search for an inmate first.
  • After you find an inmate you would like to send a message, you can then send them a connection request.
  • The inmate will then have to approve your request before sending messages.
  • After you’ve established a connection with an inmate, you can then compose and send the message.
  • In the following page before sending your message, you may need to purchase credits first using your debit or credit card.
  • After purchasing credits, you can then send an electronic message and then receive a reply from your loved one in prison.

That’s how to purchase SmartJailMail credits. Sending an electronic message with SmartJailMail is just like sending an email, except it is performed within the SmartJailMail system. the credits you have purchased can be used at any time in the future, as they do not expire as well.

Depending on the facility, your messages will be sent instantly or may be held for review. Of course, the electronic messages will be delivered much more quickly than traditional paper mail to the correctional facility, so you can stay connected with your loved one in prison.

When Are Your Credits Deducted?

Your credits in the SmartJailMail system will be deducted from your account after a message is sent. If the message is sent to collect or ‘COD’, your credits will be deducted when the recipient opens the message for the first time.

After a message has used credits, it will be available in your inbox until you remove it. The recipient can also read your message as many as they want after it has been received. However, any messages that are sent will only be charged for one time. If you use your credits to send a message, the inmates will not have to pay credits to read it.

What are COD messages? You may be unfamiliar with COD messages. Well, COD messages refer to ‘Credit on Delivery’ messages where an incarcerated individual does not have any credits but they can still send a message to you and request that you should pay for it in order to open the message.

SmartJailMail system will require you to pay one of your message credits to open and also read the message. In this case, an incarcerated individual has not used credits to send a message to you, so that it is still only paid for one time, except by the recipient, not the sender.

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