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SmartJailMail seems to provide a communication system allowing an incarcerated individual and their family and friends to stay-connected. Through an easy-to-use online communications system, you can communicate with your loved one in prison in just minutes and also correspond every day in real time.

To access SmartJailMail on-the-go, the mobile app is a great choice for you. However, you may get difficulty when trying to look for a SmartJailMail app on your mobile. As a result, you don’t successfully find the SmartJailMail app. To know whether SmartJailMail app is currently available, you can dive into our post to find more information about it!

Is SmartJailMail App Currently Available?

Unfortunately, No! SmartJailMail app either on mobile or PC is not currently available. No matter how hard you try to find a SmartJailMail app, you will not find it at all, as the SmartJailMail system does not offer any services for mobile or PC. Instead, you can only access all the features through the website at

To access SmartJailMail services, you can just simply visit After you are at, you will see a number of features you can use to connect with an incarcerated individual. Well, seems to connect inmates’ family members and friends through an easy-to-use communications system.

By accessing, you will be able to connect with your loved one in prison in just minutes. The only thing you should do is to register first to set your credentials login (username and password). After having a SmartJailMail account, you just simply log into SmartJailMail with your account.

What Features Are Available in SmartJailMail System?

There are five features you can use in SmartJailMail system, including:

1. Telephone Service

Telephone Service is one of the fastest communication features available in SmartJailMail system. It allows you to call your loved one in prison to a correctional facilities and detention centers number throughout the United States. The inmates probably put ongoing telephone calls from telephones located in or around their assigned housing locations.

To use SmartJailMail Telephone Services, there are two payment methods to choose, including:

  • Prepaid Collect (PPC)

PPC allows you to add funds on your account tied to a specific telephone number such as home telephone number and cell phone number. If you have funds on a PPC account, any inmates will call you at that number. The funds will be deducted from your PPC account when the call is accepted.

  • PIN Debit Account

The PIN account belongs to a certain inmate and the inmates probably use the funds to call any phone number which is approved by the facility (not just to your phone). You definitely can use a PIN Debit (PIN) account to deposit funds so that an inmate will be able to call anyone.

2. Electronic Messaging Service

To stay connected with your loved one in prison, you can send messages to inmates through the Electronic Messaging Service. You can send and receive messages to and from your loved ones easily. To send a message, you may need to purchase service credits first.

Each message will require 50 credits/ 50 cents and will be sent with postage paid and will be free to open and read for the recipient. The messages can also be sent for free and it will be paid for by the recipient.

  • To start sending messages, you can log into the SmartJailMail account and then start composing a message.
  • You will need to look for an inmate first before you compose a message.
  • After finding an inmate you want to send a message to, you can send them a connection request.
  • Before sending messages, the inmates will need to approve your request.
  • Once you have built a connection with an inmate, you will need to compose and send the message.
  • On the next page, you will have to buy credits first with your credit or debit card.
  • Once purchasing credits, you can then send an electronic message and receive a reply from your loved one in prison.

Well, those are the steps to send messages to inmates through the SmartJailMail electronic messaging system.

3. Video Visitation

You can also connect with your loved one in prison through a video visitation. To take a video session, you will need to schedule first by setting up the date, time, an inmate you would like to and also determine in which place you want to take a video session.

To start taking a video session, you need to create a SmartJailMail account first at If you already have an account, you can then log into with your account using your credentials.

After that, you need to search for an inmate you would like to join. You can then send them a connection request. If an inmate approves your connection request, you need to schedule a video visitation in two ways: on-site video visit and remote video visit from home.

4. Sending Photo

In addition to sending a text message, you’re also allowed to send photos to your loved one in prison. Just like sending a text message, you also need to purchase credits. After you log into your SmartJailMail account and your connection request is approved, you can then start sending photos and purchase credits.

To send a photo, you will need to purchase 100 credits or about $1.00. After purchasing credits, you can then send photos to your contacts through the website. Each photo will be subject to review by the facility staff and each facility will accept or reject your photo at their sole discretion.

5. Trust Deposit Service

SmartJailMail offers you to make deposits for inmates at some correctional institutions. The trust deposits will be sent to the inmate’s trust account that is operated by the local correctional institution.

SmartJailMail trust deposits will be transferred daily and typically appear in the inmates account the next day. To create a trust deposit, you should open a account. The process of the trust deposit is very easy and quick. You can just log into your account, make connections and then make trust deposits.

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