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CorrLinks is one of the most popular things preferred by those who have their loved ones behind the bar. There are a lot of things offered by CorrLinks to their customers. One of them is called Premier Account. What is a Premier Account offered by CorrLinks?

A Premier Account is the kind of account with so many benefits, such as staying in contact with your loved ones with real time alerts, getting immediate push notifications to your device every time you receive a new message, eliminating login on a mobile device, having the messages to your inbox download automatically and available on your local device for faster access, having the messages previously read are in your inbox and you do not need to download them again, retaining your messages for 60 days, instead of 30 days, having the ability to attach up to 3 of your mobile devices (phone, tablet, etc.) to your account, and so on.

While it is true that it has a number of benefits, it is not required. It means you are free to choose to get it or to not get it. However, if you are interested in getting all the benefits offered by this account, no one is stopping you to sign up for a Premier Account.

How much does a Premier Account cost? In order to use a Premier Account, you will have to spend $6.00 a year. There is also a browser app that can be used. As for the browser application, it is free. If you think that $6.00 a year is too much and you do not think that you can afford it, at least for now, you might want to consider trying the 14 day free trial first. Here is step by step to follow to try the 14 day free trial:

  1. First of all, you should click Premier Account from the main menu.
    click Premier Account from the main menu
  2. After that, you can start your 14 day free trial. To be able to do that, all that you have to do is to click Free Trial. start your 14 day free trial

When your free trial ends and or when you change your mind and want to upgrade your Premier Account to a yearly one, you can follow the following guide. Please read everything well and follow it.

  1. The first thing that you have to do is to enter your billing information.
     enter your billing information.
  2. After entering such a thing, the next thing that you need to do is to click the Next button.
  3. In the end you are able to use your Premier Account for communication.

Upgrading the CorrLinks Premier Account is easy. By following the guide above well, you will be able to successfully do that. If you face some issues or if you have something to ask, you are suggested to go to the Customer Support page at When you are there, try to find the option that best describes your issue. In case you do not find the option that fits the one that you are currently experiencing, please choose the option that says My issue is not listed. By choosing this option, you will be taken to a page where you can write a message. Before writing the comment or the question, do not forget to also write your name, your email address and choose the correctional agency that you are inquiring about. After you are done with everything, hit the Send button and wait until you get a response.

How much money do you have to spend to upgrade your Premier Account? If you are wondering about the fee to upgrade your Premier Account, according to the official website of CorrLinks, the fee is the same, which is $6.00 a year.

As mentioned above, CorrLinks has tons of things to offer. Aside from Premier Account, one of the most favored things is Text Service. Just like Premier Account, it is not also required, meaning it is optional. In case you have already signed up for the optional Premier Account and use the free CorrLinks smartphone app, you do not have to sign up for the Text Service as you already have the better situation.

While Text Service is not required, you can get it if you want. Signing up for this service will get you the benefits. If you are curious about the price, it ranges between $6.00 per month to $36.00 per month. If you want to use the browser app, there will be no additional charges.

If you are interested in Text Service, you have to take note that the inmate has to be a valid or active contact to be able to use this service. If you want to sign up for this service, you can follow the following instructions to sign up:

  1. Firstly, click on the Text Message icon found on the main CorrLinks website.
  2. Then, choose your phone carrier and then enter your phone number.
  3. In just a few seconds, you will be able to get a verification code text that consists of 5 digits code. Please check out your phone as it will be sent there.
  4. Upon getting the verification code text, it is time for you to enter the code on the website. Please enter the code as soon as possible as it is only valid for 2 hours for both initial enrollment and updating. If you want for the code to work, it will be needed for you to remain on the verification code entry screen. In case you leave the screen whether intentionally or unintentionally, you will have to re-enter your carrier and your phone number and wait for a new verification code to be sent again.
  5. After entering the code, you will have to enter the address and the information about your credit card.
  6. Do not forget to also agree to the CorrLinks Terms and Conditions.

It should be easy for you to sign up for Text Service. If you want to ask something, you can just follow the guide to contact the customer support of CorrLinks above.

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