How to Invest in Securus Technologies

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Securus Technologies connect family members to the incarcerated through great communication services. As the biggest incarcerated individual communications provider, Securus Technologies helps maintain relationships between incarcerated inmates and their friends and family members.

Investing in Securus Technologies

Investing is the process of purchasing assets that increase in value over time and give returns in the form of income payments or capital gains. Also, in a wider sense, investing is able to be about spending time or money to improve your life or the lives of other people. But in the world of finance, investing is the purchase of the securities, real estate and other items of value in the pursuit of capital gains or income.

Based on the research, Securus Technologies is funded by some investors. For your information, Gerald J. Levin and Harbour are the most recent investors in Securus Technologies. By the way, how to invest in Securus Technologies? We are sure that you really want to know information about that. We are sorry, unfortunately, we cannot discover information about investing in Securus Technologies. However, you will be able to go to the PitchBook Platform. There you are able to explore the profile of the Securus Technologies, request access etc. Also, you will be able to find some information about investing in Securus Technologies. For requesting access to the PitchBook Platform, you are able to request a free trial.

How to Invest in Securus Technologies'

Some Investors of the Securus Technologies

Here are some investors of Securus Technologies:

Gerald J. Levin

Based on the research, on April 1, 2013, Gerald J. Levin invested in Securus Technologies. Levin is Senior Managing Director at Mesirow Financial. He leads Mesirow Financial’s Sale-Leaseback Capital Practice. We get information that he has more than 35 years of experience in the real estate industry. Aside from that, Levin also holds an Illinois Real Estate Broker License.


Based on the research, on April 1, 2013, Harbour company invested in Securus Technologies. Actually, besides investing in Securus Technologies, Harbour company also invested in GetBack on June 1, 2016.

Morris Cox

We get information that on April 1, 2013 Morris Cox invested in Securus Technologies. For your information, He is an Associate at Red Oak Growth Partners. Cox is responsible for sourcing and evaluating investment chances. Morris Cox has founded and worked with the companies as an entrepreneur in energy, software automation, and consumer services. Also, he has worked in GE Capital’s Energy Financial Services group. There, he focused on development, valuation, and operations for utility-scale power projects. Need to know that Morris Cox graduated with an MBA from Columbia Business School and dual undergraduate degrees in Physics and Mathematics from MIT.

ABRY Partners

According to research, ABRY Partners is an equity company that focuses on investments. But the company prefers to invest in media, entertainment, communication, education, business services, information services, and healthcare services. Also, the company prefers to invest in online media industries with a focus on television and radio broadcasting, publishing, newsletter publishing, business-to-business, cable television, conventions or trade shows, for-profit training, monitoring services, couponing, telephone companies, communications towers, consumer magazine publishing, proprietary database providers, wireless communications, recorded music libraries, and in-store advertising.

We get information that the company invests between $25 million and $150 million of equity in the case of the private equity fund, or between $15 million and $50 million of mezzanine or senior equity capital in its portfolio companies. The company seeks to invest for a period between three years and seven years. For note: ABRY Partners, LLC was co-founded in the year of 1989 and is based in Boston (Massachusetts).

Securus Technologies Announces Direct Investment in the Last Three Years

Securus Technologies announced that it has exceeded $600 million in direct investments in technologies, patents, and acquisitions over the last three years. Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies said that they have created the broadest product set in the corrections industry over the last three years, they invested over $600 million in technologies, products and patents.

They invested heavily in these areas:

  • Data Analytics
  • Video Visitation
  • Integrated Voice Response Systems
  • Jail Management Systems
  • Wireless Tracking/Location Determination
  • GPS Tracking of Parolees
  • Outsourced Investigation Services
  • Mobile Device “Cracking”
  • Improved Inmate Communications/Recidivism Reduction
  • Managed Access Systems/Wireless Contraband Elimination
  • Tablets
  • Inmate Education
  • Inmate Job Searches
  • Inmate Religious Education
  • Inmate Funding for Services and Products
  • Video Services
  • Email Services
  • Movies
  • Books
  • Music
  • Electronic Medical Record Services

They said that over the last five years, they have invested another $100 million in capital for their core packet switched centralized platform. The platform is called SCP (Secure Calling Platform). They have grown that to over 950 products and services for over 3,450 facilities (prisons and jails). SCP (Secure Calling Platform) represents the biggest proprietary platform of its kind in the world, serving the inmates, friends and family, and corrections officials, and processing around 400 million calls per year.

Smith said that they did not make these investments randomly or without purpose. Also, Smith said that the total investment of $700 million is focused on Securus being the premier provider of the best high tech product set in the government services sector. With the platforms and products which they have now, they are able to effectively do almost anything which corrections need to do to be more cost effective, more efficient, with higher levels of safety for all customers served.

Most of what they build also benefits the inmates, friends and family members too. They invest in improving the speed of funding, reaching bail bondsmen and friends or family members faster with high quality, inmate education, inmate healthcare, religion, video calling for a richer social contact, finding jobs, recreation, music and movie and book downloads, and tablets. Of course, incarceration is bad and stressful. Thus, they try to make it less stressful.

Well, that is what we want to tell you. For more information about investing in Securus Technologies, we suggest you to go to the PitchBook Platform. Explore the profile of the Securus Technologies, request access and find some information about investing.

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