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When working with JailATM or using some services on JailATM, sometimes, you may face some troubles that make it an error or your action fails. Of course, the issues that commonly happen on JailATM are so common, and will have the solution to fix each issue.

In this post, we will show you the general problems that commonly occur on JailATM. Since they are general problems, it’s so easy to find the troubleshooting for each issue. Well, knowing the general problems and troubleshooting on JailATM is very important, so you will know what you should do if it happens to you.

Here’s a List of General Problems and Solutions Happen on JailATM!

There are a number of general problems that will happen to you when accessing JailATM. Even though you have not experienced any issues when using JailATM, it’s highly recommended for you to identify what general issues to happen and what solutions you should take.

Let’s get started!

1. JailATM Login Issue

The most common issue that commonly happens to most users on JailATM is the login issue. The login issue means you cannot log into JailATM using your account. If you face a login issue, it means that there are some factors which trigger it to happen such as you forgot your password, input wrong email address/ username or even you haven’t verified your account yet.

Here are some login issues and how to fix it:

  • Forgot password

If you forget your password when trying to log into your JailATM account, you need to reset your password at ‘Password Recovery Page’.  The page will require you to enter your email address. After that, it will take you to the ‘Change Password’ Page. At this page, you must enter your new password.

  • Forgot email address

In addition to forgetting your password, you may also forget your email address. If it happens, you can use a different email address. However, you cannot change your email address, instead creating a new account using a different email.

  • Missing activation email

Missing activation email is one of the most common issues that you may face on JailATM. To try to get an activation email, you can check the spam folder on your email. If necessary, you can try to turn off your spam filters. Additionally, you can also resend the activation email by logging in and then clicking the resend link.

2. JailATM Deposit Transaction Issue

Aside from experiencing the login issue, you may also face some errors when trying to send money to an incarcerated one.  The failed transaction is the most common issue that happens when making a deposit. Of course, there are a number of reasons why your deposit transaction is failed including cash advance transaction, invalid card and back declined.

If it happens to you, no worries, you can take the following solutions:

  • Select wrong inmate

When sending money to an incarcerated one, you may select the wrong inmate. What you should do is to immediately call the facility the deposit was made to. You also need to ask the facility to place your deposit on hold and refund it.

However, if the facility cannot handle your problem, make sure to contact JailATM Customer Support by completing the request form here.

  • Do duplicate deposit

The solution you can take if you do a duplicate deposit is the same as the solution when you choose the wrong inmate. You can ask the facility to hold your deposit and ask them to refund. If they cannot give the solution, you can contact JailATM Customer Support by completing the request form here.

  • Cannot find an inmate

Selecting an inmate is the first step when sending money to them. If you cannot find an inmate on the inmate list, you can try to contact the facility for their resident ID. If they cannot give you a solution, you can contact JailATM Customer Support by completing the request form here.

3. JailATM Messaging Issues

With JailATM, you will be able to send electronic messages to an inmate. Unfortunately, you may face some issues when trying to send them messages. Here are some issues that commonly happen on messaging:

  • Email is not sent

You may face that your email is not sent. If it happens, you can try to check your messaging balance, as to send a message, you will need to have credits.

  • Email is pending review

If you see the status of your email on pending review, it means that the facility has not reviewed your message. If it happens, you should be patient to wait until the facility reviews your messages. Aside from that, pending review is also a result of drafted emails.

  • Missing email

Missing email can be caused by an expired message. It is known that your message will no longer be available for viewing on your account after 14 days and after the message was read. However, you cannot retrieve your message.

4. JailATM issue on Commissary Pack

When trying to gift packs to your loved ones in prison, you may not be able to find the resident after doing a search through Inmate Search. If it happens to you, it’s highly recommended for you to contact the facility for their resident ID. If they cannot give you a solution, you can contact JailATM Customer Support by completing the request form here.

5. JailATM Video Visits Issue

When taking a video session, you will need to prepare and confirm your device is in good condition. The two things you need to notice are your camera device and the volume, as both are the most common issues that commonly happen on video visitation. It would be better for you to check the recommended specifications of the device you’re using, including:

  • The capability to take video
  • Chrome Browser v.57 or higher
  • Android v.5.01 or higher
  • Apple iOS v.12.1.0 or higher

Here are what you should do before taking a video session on JailATM:

  • Ensure the audio cables and microphone cables are connected and undamaged
  • To always check the volume mixer is turned up
  • Make sure to always test the audio and microphone whether it works properly with any playback software or not.
  • Check the microphone is connected to the correct input on the PC
  • Make sure the default audio device whether it is connected to the appropriate speakers or not.

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