What Cards Does JailATM Accept

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JailATM seems to bridge the way for family or friends to transfer money to their loved one in prison through the Sending Money service. So far, this JailATM service is one of the fastest and easiest ways to send money to inmates and make purchases for the inmates.

To deposit the amount of money to an inmate with JailATM, you can take some payment options. If this is your first time sending money to an incarcerated individual, make sure you know what cards will be accepted to send money to the inmate. So, let’s check our post below to find the information!

What Cards Does JailATM Accept

What Cards Are Accepted to Deposit Money in JailATM?

JailATM provides two payment methods. The cards that are currently accepted for payment in JailATM are:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard

Well, those are two cards that are accepted in JailATM.

It’s important to note, even though other cards may work to deposit money in JailATM, they do not support any which are not on the list above. The prepaid cards are not also supported.

How Much Does Deposit Cost in JailATM?

If you wonder how much money will be charged when you’re sending money to your loved one in prison, you should know that the costs to make a deposit will vary depending on the facility. The fee will be shown once looking for the inmate you’d like to send money. Then, you will be required to confirm the total amount before the transaction proceeds.

It’s important to note, the deposit limit may also vary depending on the facility. JailATM restricts any one inmate a maximum of $300.00 per week, in order to remain compliant with the Anti-Money laundering Act and also to prevent other forms of fraud. In other words, any combination of deposits from 1 or more JailATM.com users cannot exceed $300.00 between the calendar week of Sunday to Saturday.

Where is Your Deposit in JailATM?

Most deposits through the JailATM system will arrive within 24-48 hours of processing. If your deposit is missing after this, you need to contact the facility as soon as possible to initiate an investigation. However, if the facility cannot resolve the issue after 72 business hours, JailATM will investigate the missing deposit.

In the case of your deposit being applied to the wrong inmate, make sure to call the facility immediately after the deposit was made. You can then ask the officer to transfer the funds to the correct inmate.

If the facility cannot complete your request, you can ask if they can place the deposit on hold and refund it later. Lastl, if neither request can be met, make sure to contact JailATM Support here and fill out all the forms. JailATM will commonly reply to your request 72 business hours. However, if your deposit was spent before calling the facility, it cannot be refunded or transferred.

How if an inmate is transferred to another facility? Without any information from the facility, your loved one may be transferred to another facility. At the same time, you may send money to your loved one before knowing he/she is transferred to another facility. You may wonder where your deposit is.

Well, when an inmate is transferred to another facility, your deposit in his or her commissary account will be transferred with them. However, it will depend on the policies of the facility in which the gift card deposit was made. You may need to contact the facility for details on their policy if more information is required.

How If Your Transaction Failed When Making a Deposit?

When sending money to an incarcerated individual, you may get the transaction issue where it fails to add funds. If it happens, there are a number of reasons why your transaction is failed, here are they:

1. Cash Advance Transaction

It is known that all deposits on JailATM are processed as a cash advance transaction. However, it is something that they cannot change and of course, most prepaid cards are not accepted to this type of transaction.

So, before sending money to your loved one in prison, it would be better for you to make a call to the number on the back of the card that you are trying to use to determine whether or not the card supports the cash advance transaction type.

2. Invalid Card

Invalid cards can cause your transaction to fail. To know the cards that are accepted by JailATM, you need to find out the information by selecting the drop-down Accepted Payment Method for a list of all card types that JailATM accepts.

3. Bank Declined

If your transaction in JailATM has failed, you need to contact your financial institution to determine the cause of the failure.

When trying to complete a transaction in JailATM, you may receive the error code ‘Payer Authentication has failed’. What does it mean? It can be caused by your transaction being declined because of a failed login of your verified Visa or MasterCard SecureCode account.

Well, this is a web feature provided by Visa and MasterCard which can help you to verify that the users of the card are the proper owner of the card.

It’s important to note, if you make your transaction, your browser will be redirected to the site and you will have to log into your account to continue. For asking help with logging into your account, you will either need to ask your card issuer or ask to speak with the Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode department.

Furthermore, if you receive the error code ‘Payer Authentication was unable to complete’ when you are trying to complete your transaction, it means that your card issuer is asking that the security page be filled out, but their page is not showing the security page for you to access it.

if it happens, you can contact your card issues and then ask to speak with Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode department to ask about the issue with the Security Page.

Well, those are several reasons why your transaction failed when trying to add funds to inmates with the JailATM system.

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