Securus Tablet Complaints

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If you want your inmate to have a Securus tablet so that they can have privacy and also can communicate with you easily, you can do it. There is a Securus tablet that your inmate can have for $5 per month. However, you may want to know whether there are complaints about using this tablet or not. So, let’s read the explanation below about Securus Tablet and some other information about this device.

Securus Tablet Complaints

There are a number of complaints that I found on some online sources about Securus Tablet. Here are some of them.

Complaints about Securus Tablet according to the Complaints Board.

  • Christina Bosley
    June 11th, 2021
    I have had nothing but negative interactions with the Securus website, app, phone service, video visits and tablet services since my loved one has been incarcerated. This company says they will ship a tablet once ordered within 3-5 business days. I ordered his third tablet on May 27, 2021 and he has not received it as of June 11, 2021. They failed to send a tracking number but they did confirm the order. And I paid for the month of June which is now almost half over. They will not answer the phone. They do not respond to email. I need to know how much it is going to cost me just to keep waiting for it to get to him. He said there are guys that have been waiting since February and still do not have one. They have nothing but complaints in all reviews I have seen. How is this company allowed to stay in business? And how much money do they get to make by ignoring the fact that people need the services they claim to offer and never supply? Please do something to help us.”

Complaints about Securus Tablet according to the Better Business Bureau website.

  • Anonymous
    March 2nd, 2022
    I have been paying for a Tablet for months and the tablet was never issued. I have made numerous attempts to email customer service and there has been no response. If there is delay can you provide some type of update to the status. Also, will a credit/refund be given for the months in question.”
  • Anonymous
    January 28th, 2022
    Yes my brother is a inmate at Sussex 1 state prison he has had 3 jpay tablets due to his battery keeps swelling… his tablet has broken again 9 months ago for same reason.. we shouldn’t have to keep spending money because jpay is selling defective devices but jpay is not trying to give him a RMA or trying to let him buy a tablet but other inmates has been receiving tablets something has to be done before I’m forced to take legal actions this is discrimination and a health hazard please help me resolve this issue thank you

Well, even though there are some complaints about Securus Tablet, it does not mean that all users will experience the bad things as explained by some users above. To help you, below you are able to read about some frequently asked questions about Securus Tablet according to the Securus Help site.

Securus Tablet Complaints

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Securus Tablet

Here are some FAQs about Securus Tablet that may help you if you have some trouble or questions about this tablet according to the Securus Help site.

  • What will happen if a tablet that we ordered breaks or requires repair?
    Answer: Let’s say that the tablet is damaged, destroyed, or in need of repair. If it happens, the staff of the facility will make the appropriate determination and provide the user with a new or repaired tablet. However, it is important for you to note that the facility may or may not approve a repair or replacement, mainly if the damage was intentional. If the repair or replacement was rejected, the subscription will be cancelled automatically.
  • What will happen if we stop paying for the tablet?
    Answer: Let’s say that Securus does not receive payment from you. If it happens, via PayPal, Securus will deactivate the tablet as soon as possible.
  • What do we have to do to cancel or end a subscription for a Secureview Tablet?
    Answer: If you want to cancel a subscription, the thing that you have to do is to log into your PayPal account and then cancel from the preauthorized payments section. At any time, you are able to cancel a tablet subscription. However, it is important for you to note that there are no refunds, credits, or prorated charges that will be available for partial months. If you want to avoid further charges, you need to cancel the subscription before the beginning of the next billing cycle. Also, you need to note that Securus Technologies’ Customer Service Agents are not able to cancel a subscription on your behalf. Cancelling your own subscription must be done by yourself via your PayPal account.
  • What will happen if the facility takes or limits the services on a tablet that we have ordered?
    Answer: Ultimate control over your loved one’s access to the tablet and its services is held by the facility. There is no limitation on access that will be grounds for whole or partial refunds, compensation, credits, or other consideration of any kind, to you or the user.
  • What do we have to do to get a refund for the Secureview Tablet?
    Answer: If you order a tablet and authorize the subscription service, it means that you understand and acknowledge that there are no refunds. However, you are able to get a refund if, for example, these kinds of things happen:
    • Your incarcerated one is released before the subscription ends.
    • Your incarcerated one’s tablet breaks, whether by own accord, or by someone else’s doing.
    • The tablet has been taken or services paused by the staff of the facility.
    • There is delay in tablet delivery to a facility and/ or to the user after it is received by the facility.
    • The services of tablets are down whether it is in all or part of the services.
  • How do we know when our family member or friend will receive the tablet?
    Answer: Usually, tablets are activated and distributed in 3 to 5 business days, after confirmation of your tablet order and payment receipt.

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