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CorrLinks offers a service known as CorrLinks Video Service for both inmates and people outside the world. This service works by connecting the people with their loved ones behind the bar. It interacts with the system inside the institution to coordinate the exchange of video or audio between people and the institution workstations. The video or audio can be sent with a specific format.

If you are not familiar with the CorrLinks Video Service, here are general questions and answers about it.

  1. Question: Where are CorrLinks Video Services available?

Answer: According to the official website of CorrLinks, this service is live at designated pilot Federal Bureau of Prison and Michigan institutions. If you want to know more details about it, you can check with your loved one behind the bar.

  1. Question: Will you be charged for accepting a video session?

Answer: The video sessions will not charge the users of CorrLinks. The inmate is the one that is charged for the video session.

  1. Question: What are the operating system, browser, and applications requirements?

Answer: Windows 7 or newer computer, the current version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, downloading and configuring the CorrLinks Video Service application.

  1. Question: What kind of internet connection is needed?

Answer: Both DSL and Cable internet connections can be used by the CorrLinks Video Service. The speed and bandwidth of your internet connection will be tested if they support a video session. Unfortunately, the wireless hotspot technologies do not work due to the fact that security limitations implemented by the cellular service providers and WiFi enabled coffee or café shops.

  1. Question: Why don’t you see a video session icon on your CorrLinks main page?

Answer: The Video Sessions icon can be only seen if you have previously been invited to have a video session.

  1. Question: Where can you check the time of your video session?

Answer: The date and the time of your video session will be shown on the Video Sessions main page on the official website of CorrLinks. For your information, all times listed are the U.S. Central Time zone.

  1. Question: What should you do to cancel a visit?

Answer: If you want to cancel your visit, you can just tap on the Cancel button. Keep in mind that it is possible for you to cancel a video session 7 days before the scheduled date or time.

  1. Question: What should you do to start a video session?

Answer: Feel free to join a video session up to a half hour before your scheduled session time. a countdown page will be shown. When the countdown shows zero, you will be connected to the video session. After the session ends prematurely, you still have a chance to rejoin until the session ends.

  1. Question: Can a phone or a tablet be used to conduct a video session?

Answer: It is possible now for you to conduct a video session with a phone or a tablet as there is a CorrLinks Video Service app that is available in App Store and Google Play Store. If you want to know the specific requirements, please see the iOS and Android help files.

  1. Question: What is the next thing that should be done when your incarcerated family or friend sends you a video session invitation?

Answer: After getting an invitation from the inmate, there are two options to choose from. The first one is accepting the invitation and the second one is rejecting it. It is a must for you to download the video software and successfully complete the configuration and testing steps if you want to accept the invitation. If the video invitation is not accepted within 48 hours, it will automatically expire and the inmate will have to schedule another one.

  1. Question: What is the reason that makes you unable to accept a visit?

Answer: Before you are allowed to accept the invitation, you will have to download the video software and successfully complete the configuration and testing steps. If you failed to complete the configuration and testing before the video invitation expires, the inmate will have to make a schedule again.

  1. Question: What is the thing called Video Setup?

Answer: Video Setup is the one that will bring you to the screen where the CorrLinks Video Service app is able to be downloaded for the very first time. The link to the guide to install or to upgrade and to configure the computer for this service is also able to be found.

  1. Question: What should you do to check that your computer is set up correctly to do a video session with the inmate?

Answer: Feel free to run a test any time you want. There are some steps to follow to make sure that everything is set up correctly for the video sessions. Firstly, double click the CorrLinks shortcut icon. Then, click the Run Test button. After that, choose the Test button.

  1. Question: What does shortcut mean?

Answer: A shortcut refers to a file or a program that is represented by an icon. If it is double clicked, the file or the program will open. A shortcut will be automatically created by the CorrLinks on the desktop at the time the software is downloaded to your computer.

  1. Question: What about the Run Test?

Answer: The Run Test button is the one that will start the process of confirming the hardware, the network connection and the overall setup of your computer whether it is suitable for doing a video session if it is clicked. It will confirm that the software is able to be used to communicate with your webcam, microphone, and speakers. It will also make sure that your computer is able to establish a connection to the network of the correctional agency.

If you find the pair of the question and answer above, you can try to visit here. If it is not helpful, the best thing is to contact the customer support.

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