How Do I Approve an Inmate on CorrLinks

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When using CorrLinks for the first time, you may be a little confused about how to accept inmate requests. However, in order to connect with an inmate, you should receive an email invitation first and approve the inmate’s request by entering the identification code.

Sure, it will be a bit hard for a new user as they do not understand yet. However there’s just one thing you need from this email, that’s the Identification Code. This is the system ID for the particular inmate which will be used to relay messages to them. You can also follow the link to CorrLinks directly from within the email or navigate yourself.

How Do I Approve an Inmate on CorrLinks

Approving an Inmate’s Request in CorrLinks, Here’s the Guide!

Before you are able to click on the link to approve a new correspondent through an email request, you should set up an account first. Otherwise, if you have already set up a CorrLinks account, you can login directly.

After you have registered with CorrLinks and approved the inmate for correspondence, the inmate will be notified electronically. Here’s how to approve an inmate on CorrLinks!

  • To set up a CorrLinks account, you need to click on the orange ‘Register’ button to get started from this page.
  • After that, add your details into the next window and ensure to use the same email address that the inmate used to reach you and add their Identification Code at the button. Then, double check the cide as it’s their contact address for the purposes of using CorrLinks.
  • On the next screen, you can then enter the Inmate Identification Code again and check the box beside ‘Enable Email Alert’. By doing this, it will send an alert to your normal email inbox when you receive a message waiting.
  • After that, click on the ‘Accept’ after it is done.

To note: the Identification Code will expire after 10 days, but a new code will be sent after that if the date is missed.

  • At this time, you will receive a verification email in your inbox from This will likely say something like ‘CorrLinks Sign Up Verification Link’.
  • Once you receive the link, you need to follow the link enclosed to verify your account.
  • Here, you need to complete your ‘Account Details’ form and hit ‘Next’ to complete your setup.
  • Then, the next screen will show you the Mailbox. Well, this is where most of your time with CorrLinks will be spent.
  • In the Mailbox section, you’re able to send emails as necessary from this window.
  • Choose an inmate from the dropdown box and type your message and click on the ‘Send’ when ready.

That’s the way to approve an inmate’s request in order to use the CorrLinks to send or receive an email.

It’s important to note that if you approve electronic correspondence with federal prisoners, it means that you consent to have the Bureau of Prisons staff to monitor the content of all electronic messages exchanged. Keep in mind that nothing is private when using CorrLinks, so be mindful about what you say in your email.

How If You Want to Block an Inmate on CorrLinks?

Aside from approving an inmate’s request, you may also want to block an inmate in CorrLinks, because of any reasons. Keep in mind, you shouldn’t block an inmate unless you’re totally sure that you really want to block an inmate. That’s because adding them back will be a much greater task than blocking them.

Well, if you want to block an inmate’s communication, you should enter your email address and the identification code from your email. Then, choose the applicable block option and click on the ‘Confirm’ button through the ‘Block Contacts’ page here.

How if you want to add an inmate back? As we’ve mentioned above, unblocking an inmate from your blocking list becomes a bit harder. Well, in order to unblock an inmate, you should send a written request to the institution to notify them that you want  the block removed.

After that, you will have to retrieve the prison’s mailing address by visiting After the block is removed, the inmate will have to add your email again to create a new invitation to you. If an inmate has sent you the Identification Code and you already approve it, of course, you can stay-connected again with an inmate in prison.

Why Is An Inmate Unavailable on CorrLinks?

instead of being able to send a message, you get a notification that an inmate is unavailable. The notification may inform you that an inmate you want to send a message does not have access to messaging. It also notify you that you will then receive the notification when an inmate is again eligible for messaging.

By the time you receive the notification, you may be confused as to what has happened. You then think whether you have done something wrong or said something bad in your message to him. Moreover, you are also worried about the inmate you have sent a message to, afraid that something will happen to him/her in prison, right?

Certainly, an inmate who becomes suddenly unavailable can be caused by several things. Of course, it is not known how long the inmate will be able to return to having access for messaging, considering there are plenty of reasons why an inmate becomes unavailable.

According to some forums, an inmate becomes unavailable due to the following indicators:

  • If he/ she is a federal inmate that might mean he/ she is in trouble. If that’s true, then email privileges will be taken away due to internal bad behavior.
  • He/ She might get into trouble and have a privilege to hold.
  • It might be caused by a facility transfer. They exit the system and log back in when they settle down again.
  • If he/she is a federal inmate, it is possible that he/ she was transferred to the same facility as another, so he/she no longer has access for messaging.
  • The existence of unscrupulous prison staff who accommodate your messages and contact information, so that your contact details will be sold and used to commit various frauds.

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