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Dealing with the absence of the loved incarcerated friend or family member is hard. It is even harder when there is the pressure of making the next restitution or supervision payment. And there is JPay, a company that will help you anytime and anywhere on that kind of hardship. In short, when it comes to inmates, JPay is the right answer. What is JPay for inmates?

JPay is one of the most trusted name in corrections. It is the 15th year of the company in the industry as it was started in the year of 2002. At the early year, the founder of JPay named Ryan Shapiro took a role as a CEO. This man stepped down in 2016 and the new one named Errol Feldman took over the role.

Right now, JPay is headquartered in Miramar, Florida. At first, this company was based in New York, the United States. Then, its headquarters was moved to Miami, Florida in the year of 2005. Six years later, it was moved for the second time to Miramar, Florida, in order to accommodate the larger call center.

JPay is the company that known with its commitment in helping friends and family of inmates to keep connected to their incarcerated beloved ones. There are a variety related services offered by JPay in more than 30 states across the country of the United States. It also provides the quickies and most reliable payment options for individuals in the community corrections. Everything is fast, secure, easy, and fun when it comes to JPay, including sending money, sending-receiving emails, doing the innovative video visitation and enjoying music options, dealing with parole, probation, and post release services. Please read the rest of the article to get informed more about JPay.

As stated before, everyone loves JPay because of its products and services. Every product of JPay is high quality, so does its every service. Here are some best products and services of JPay that might help you with your incarcerated family member or friend.

The first one is money transfer. For you who are a friend or a family member of an inmate, you can use this service of JPay money transfer to send money to the commissary or the trust account of inmate. There are several options offered by JPay such deposit payment and deposits option that include the credit and debit card payment. The payment itself can be done via online, phone, and the channels of mobile app. if you want to pay cash, you can use MoneyGram as the company has a deal with it. The agent locations of MoneyGram can be found easily like Walmart and CVS/pharmacy.

The other products and services of JPay include the communications and inmate devices (for instance a video visitation, email, videogram, instant messaging, and a tablet computer named JP5), payments of parole and probation services, and charitable donations.

Those are the short information about JPay, its history, its products, and its services. Please visit the official website of JPay to know more about it.

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