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JPay stamp is the important stamps which should you have. It is used once you want to sending emails. In JPay Company, there is JPay’s email service where you are able to send email. It is faster than regular mail. If you send emails to your inmate, it is only within 48 hours, the inmates are going to receive emails from you. You have to know that each email needs the stamps.  If you want to buy the stamp, you can buy it by online. Or you can also buy the stamps at JPay kiosks in the correctional facility which often available with affordable price. Usually, it is cheaper than traditional postage. These below are the steps to buy stamps.

  1. At the first step, when you are at the JPay home page, you have to select “Email” on the “Navigation” menu.
  2. Then on the “Compose page”, you have to select “Buy Stamps” on the “Email” menu.
  3. The next step, on the “Buy Stamps” page, you have to select the stamp package which you want and please select “Continue”.
  4. Afterwards you have to select the card that you want to use in the “Select card” list. Then enter the validation code for the card. A card validation code is also known as a CVV or CVV2 code. It is three digit codes which located inside a white box on the right side of the back of your card. When you are done, you just need to select “Continue”.
  5. After that, in the “Payment Verification” box, you have to select on the text, “JPay Email/eMessaging Terms of Use” to read them. Then you have to select the checkbox acknowledging which you have read and agree to JPay’s eMessaging Terms of Use.
  6. The last step, you have to confirm the payment information is correct in the “Payment Verification” box. Then you are able to select “Buy Stamps”.

After you have stamps, now you are able to sending emails. There are several steps to sending emails. If you want to know its steps, let us see in the text below.

  1. At the first step, on the JPay home page, you have to select Email on the Navigation menu.
  2. After that when you are on the Compose page, you have to enter the content for your email.
  3. Here you are able to attach one of the following:
  • Attach an image by selecting Attach Image.
  • Attach a video by selecting Attach Video.
  • Record and attach a VideoGram by selecting Record Video.
  1. The next step, you have to select “Send” to send your email. In this case, the “Send” button can you see if you have enough stamps. But if you do not have enough stamps, you will not see the “Send” button. So you have to ensure that your stamps are enough.  Before you send your email, you are able to preview it by selecting on the “Preview” button. It is going to shows your email as a PDF.

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