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Texas is one of the states which are available JPay Service. Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) JPay is available JPay Service such as send money, email and phone prepaid/debit. If you want to communicate with your family or friends who are in the Texas prison, you can use this service. TDCJ JPay offers a way to stay connected as close as possible to the loved ones. There are many state facilities in TDCJ JPay. Actually the amounts of all states facilities in TDCJ JPay are 114 facilities. But in this article, we will show you 100 facilities that can you see in the text below.

  1. Allred Unit (JA)
  2. Baten Correctional (NJ)
  3. Beto Unit (B)
  4. Boyd Unit (BY)
  5. Bradshaw (BH)
  6. Bridgeport (BR)
  7. Bridgeport PPT (T1)
  8. Briscoe Unit (DB)
  9. Byrd Unit (DU)
  10. Chase Field Transfer (W6)
  11. Clemens Unit (CN)
  12. Clements Unit (BC)
  13. Cleveland (CV)
  14. Coffield Unit (CO)
  15. Cole State Jail (CL)
  16. Connally Unit (CY)
  17. Cotulla Transfer (N4)
  18. Crain Correctional (GV)
  19. Dalhart Unit (DH)
  20. Daniel Unit (DL)
  21. Darrington Unit (DA)
  22. Dawson (JD)
  23. Diboll (DO)
  24. Dominguez State Jail (BX)
  25. Duncan Transfer (N6)
  26. Eastham Unit (EA)
  27. Ellis Unit (E)
  28. Estelle Unit (E2)
  29. Estes (VS)
  30. Ferguson Unit (FE)
  31. Formby State Jail (FB)
  32. Fort Stockton Transfer (N5)
  33. Garza East Transfer (NI)
  34. Garza West Transfer (NH)
  35. Gist State Jail (BJ)
  36. Glossbrenner SAFP (SO)
  37. Goodman Transfer (GG)
  38. Goree Unit (GR)
  39. Gurney Transfer (ND)
  40. Halbert SAFP (BB)
  41. Hamilton Unit (JH)
  42. Havins State Jail (TH)
  43. Henley State Jail (LT)
  44. Hightower Unit (HI)
  45. Hilltop Unit (HT)
  46. Hobby Unit (HB)
  47. Hodge MROP Unit (HD)
  48. Holliday Transfer (NF)
  49. Hospital Galveston (HG)
  50. Hughes Unit (AH)
  51. Huntsville Unit (HV)
  52. Hutchins State Jail (HJ)
  53. Jester I SAFP (J1)
  54. Jester III Unit (J3)
  55. Jester IV Psychiatric Unit (J4)
  56. Johnston SAFP (JT)
  57. Jordan Unit (JN)
  58. Kegans State Jail (HM)
  59. Kyle (KY)
  60. LeBlanc Unit (BA)
  61. Lewis Unit (GL)
  62. Lindsey (LN)
  63. Lockhart (LC)
  64. Lockhart Work Facility (T3)
  65. Lopez State Jail (RL)
  66. Luther Unit (P2)
  67. Lychner State Jail (AJ)
  68. Lynaugh Unit (LH)
  69. Marlin Correctional (N1)
  70. McConnell Unit (ML)
  71. Michael Unit (MI)
  72. Middleton Transfer (NE)
  73. Mineral Wells PPT (T2)
  74. Montford Hospital (HP)
  75. Montford Psychiatric Unit (JM)
  76. Moore, B (BM)
  77. Moore, C (CM)
  78. Mountain View Unit (MV)
  79. Murray Unit (LM)
  80. Neal Unit (KN)
  81. Ney State Jail (HF)
  82. Pack Unit (P1)
  83. Plane State Jail (LJ)
  84. Polunsky Unit (TL)
  85. Powledge Unit (B2)
  86. Ramsey I (R1)
  87. Roach Boot Camp (C1)
  88. Roach Unit (RH)
  89. Roach Work CMP (W9)
  90. Robertson Unit (RB)
  91. Rudd Transfer (RD)
  92. San Saba (N2)
  93. Sanchez State Jail (RZ)
  94. Sayle SAFP (SY)
  95. Scott Unit (RV)
  96. Segovia Transfer (EN)
  97. Skyview Psychiatric Unit (SV)
  98. Smith Unit (SM)
  99. Stevenson Unit (SB)
  100. Stiles Unit (ST)

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