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JPay is counted as one of the biggest companies when it comes to connecting with the inmates. As one of the biggest, this company has some departments in order to manage everything. One of the departments owns by JPay is called JPay Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

JPay Oklahoma Department of Corrections is one of the JPay Department of Corrections beside JPay Virginia Department of Corrections, JPay Michigan Department of Corrections, JPay Colorado Department of Corrections, and so on. So, for those who live in Oklahoma and  has an incarcerated family member or friend, be sure to check this article out as you might need it.

Just like any other JPay Department of Corrections, JPay Oklahoma Department of Corrections provides some services, as stated on the official website of JPay. The available JPay services of JPay Oklahoma Department of Corrections are send money, visiting application, and rates.

JPay Oklahoma Department of Corrections offers easy electronic ways to send money to the inmates. Those several methods that can you choose to transfer money include transferring via online with a credit or debit card, transferring via phone with a credit or debit card, and transferring personally with cash in the location throughout the country.

The process of sending money to the inmates is so easy, fast, and completely secure. Money that you send through JPay before 4 pm will arrive to the account of the inmate in the next day. For your information, every rate of sending money will be different, depending on the method of the payment you choose. However, the rates are so competitive compared to the other services. If you want to know more about the rates, you can check them in the Availability and Pricing page in the official website of JPay. All you need to do is to prepare the app first.

As stated before, the second service you can use in JPay Oklahoma Department of Corrections is visiting application. Preparing this application is important in order to meet your beloved one in person. The application itself can be filled online so you can save your time and your energy. This way is the most secured way to submit personal information to be forwarded to the agency. Please remember that you have to own the account of JPay to submit visiting application online. Make one if you have not had one and just log in if you already got one.

How about the rates of JPay Oklahoma Departments of Corrections? As for the rates, it starts by $3.95 to $10.95 for online and $4.95 to $11.95 by phone.

If you have any question related to JPay Oklahoma Department of Corrections, feel free to call the representative of JPay. You can make a call to (918) 423-4700. Please call on the work time so you will be answered quickly. Another alternative to get in touch with JPay Oklahoma Department of Corrections is by sending them a mail to P.O. Box 97 Corner of West and Stonewall Mcalester, OK, 74502.

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