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Smart Communications seems to connect inmates with their family and friends through an-easy-to-use online communications system. With the Smart Communications system, you can correspond every day in real time with your loved one in prison. To stay-connected, you just simply use this system by logging in with your one account.

Smart Communications system provides a number of features that supports inmates and their family to easily communicate. SmartJailMail is one of the innovative features available in Smart Communication System to connect inmates and their families through a system similar to email. Let’s find out more information about the SmartJailMail feature in our post below!

How to Log into SmartJailMail?

In order to use the SmartJailMail feature available in the Smart Communications system, you may need to sign up first. However, if you already have an account, you can just simply log into SmartJailMail. If you do not know how to log into your SmartJailMail account, let’s follow step-by-step below!

Smart Jail Mail Login Page Guide

  • First, you need to visit the SmartJailMail login portal here.
  • Once you are at the SmartJailMail login page, you need to enter your username and password that you’ve set when registration.
  • Then, you can select on the ‘Log In’ button to start logging into SmartJailMail.

That’s it! You successfully log into your SmartJailMail account.

To successfully login to SmartJailMail Administration Portal, make sure you already have a SmartJailMail account. If you do not have a SmartJailMail account and want to try using a number of services in the Smart Communications system, you definitely need to sign up first.

How to sign up for SmartJailMail?

To sign up for SmartJailMail account, you can perform the following steps:

First, go to the SmartJailMail Registration Page here.

On the registration page, you can create your account by providing your personal information including:

1. Your Account Details:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Confirm Password

2. Your Personal Information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Address Line 1
  • Address Line 2
  • City
  • State/ Region
  • ZIP/ Postal Code
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • E-mail Address
  • Confirm Email Address

After you fill out all of your personal details, you can tick terms and services.

Last, select on the ‘Create Account’ button to submit your registration.

Once submitting your registration, you may receive an email that contains a unique activation code. To activate your account, you need to select the activation link included in the email or enter the activation code.

If you do not receive your activation code within a few minutes, you can check your spam filter to make sure it was not trapped there by mistake. The message will be sent from

How If You Face Login Issue?

Sometimes, you cannot log into your SmartJailMail account because of some issues.  If you face the login issue, you can use the ‘forgot password’ process to reset your password. Aside from that you can also use the ‘Activate Your Account’ tool to resend the activation code to your email address if needed.

Here are some things you need to know about login issue:

  • Make sure you have an active and working internet connection
  • Make sure you correctly type your username and password. If the website has an option to reset your password, you can select on it and cross check your entry.
  • Make sure Caps Lock is off, particularly if none of the password characters or letters really needs that.
  • Make sure you’re not using a VPN as some sites are frowned at and prevent login or access to their portal.
  • If you still face the issue because you forgot your password, you can contact the site administrator for further assistance.
  • If necessary, you can also change your password that you can find in the ‘My Account’ section at the top of the screen when logging into your account.

How Does SmartJailMail Electronic Messaging System Work?

SmartJailMail system uses safe and secure two ways electronic message software. The software is specifically designed to communicate with inmates in correctional institutions. In other words, it allows an incarcerated individual to communicate with their family and friends safely and quickly outside of the jail.

Both inmates and their family will be able to send and receive electronic letters with a safe and secure computer kiosk or tablet stationed in their institution. To send electronic mail, they may need to buy stamps first. Each message stamp only costs 50 cents, which is cheaper than a postage stamp and envelope.

After that, the electronic message will be sent with postage paid and will be free to open and read for the receipt. Aside from that, the electronic message will be sent to collect/ ‘COD’ for free and will be paid for by the recipient. To send or receive a message, you may need to open a account.

However, access to electronic messaging will provide a lot of benefits to the correctional facility. The SmartJailMail system actually has a decade of field experience behind it that has led to a lot of crimes being solved and even prevented.

In this case, the agencies definitely mine this system for a whole new field or intelligence regularly in criminal activity within their facility and communities. messages will be monitored automatically for keywords that your investigators select for your specific needs. Well, the messages will fully be searchable to locate content quickly as needed and the searched keywords will also be highlighted for your convenience.

Here are the processes of sending electronic message with SmartJailMail system:

  1. Sign up: First thing first, you will need to create your account in SmartJailMail.
  2. Sign in: After creating a SmartJailMail account, you need to login by entering your username and password.
  3. Make connections: After you’ve created an account, you need to search for an inmate to connect with. You can then send a connection request and they will approve the request before you can send messages.
  4. Buy Service Credits: In this step, you need to purchase service credits through the website with your debit or credit card.
  5. Start sending messages: Once you have bought message credit, you can then start sending them electronic messages.

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