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It will be good if your incarcerated ones have a Securus Tablet because it allows them to be able to do a number of useful things such as communicating with their family and friends, learning, searching for job vacancies and many more. However, the most important thing that you need to know before you buy them a Securus Tablet is that about pricing or cost. So, if you are now searching for the information about the price or cost of a Securus tablet, you are able to read the explanation below.

The Price or Cost of Securus Tablet

If you access the Securus Tablet website and you try to order it, you will see that the price is $5/ month plus tax. By giving it to your incarcerated ones with this price, your incarcerated ones will be able to enjoy a number of features or applications on that tablet so that they will get something beneficial and they are able to spend their spare time with something useful.

Securus Tablet Pricing or Cost

Benefits of Having Securus Tablet for Your Incarcerated Ones

Here are a number of benefits of having a Securus tablet for your incarcerated ones according to the Securus Tablet website.

  • Your incarcerated ones can communicate with family and friends.
  • Your incarcerated ones can have privacy from others during phone calls.
  • When your incarcerated ones have idle time, they can use it for something positive and productive with this tablet because this tablet has a number of useful applications.
  • They are able to search for employment before they are released.
  • It can decrease their stress level.
  • It uses up-to-date technology so that your incarcerated ones will stay up to date.
  • It uses educational resources.
  • They can get self-help opportunities such as mental health and addiction recovery.
  • They are able to access religious books and other resources.

It is important for you to note that the SecureView tablet focuses on proactive and constructive ways. It is aimed to prepare incarcerated people to be successful when they come back into society. This tablet is secure, multi-purpose communications, and corrections-grade where it is designed for incarcerated people in a jail or prison. In this tablet, there are a number of applications for education to help with rehabilitation, communication with family and friends, entertainment and job placement. According to the Secure Tablet site, there are thousands of users across the United States which are currently using this tablet program.

Secure Tablet Features

In the Secure Tablet, there are a number of features or applications which are able to be enjoyed by your incarcerated ones. Here are those features according to the Secure Tablet site.

  • Phone Calls
    Your incarcerated ones are able to make calls directly from their tablet so that it allows them to have more privacy. The rates are similar to the standard telephone in the housing unit. It is important for you to note that calls are still recorded and monitored as applicable.
  • eMessaging
    With this feature, you are able to keep in touch with your incarcerated ones through a text-based message or picture.
  • Job Search
    There is JobView which is a secure job search application. With this app, your incarcerated ones are able to see what jobs are available. So, they are helped to be more prepared after release. In that app, there are thousands of job openings in hundreds of fields and it is updated daily.
  • Education
    There is an educational platform in the tablet and it is free and complete. There is also a course catalog where it provides thousands of educational resources for your incarcerated ones to use. Instructional documents and videos are available which are completed with exercises and tests which permit for a user to complete coursework at their own pace.
  • Self Help
    Your incarcerated ones have daily access to mental health and addiction recovery programming.
  • Music
    Your incarcerated ones can listen to music from a number of genres including Hip Hop, Rock, Country, Top 40 and more.
  • Law Library
    Your incarcerated ones can perform comprehensive legal research by using up-to-date legal information. There is no training or prior computer knowledge which is needed to perform comprehensive legal research.
  • eBooks
    There is an expansive eBook library which permits your incarcerated ones to choose from thousands of available titles. They are able to choose from a number of genres such as Science Fiction, Adventure, History, Drama, and many more.
  • Religion
    Your incarcerated ones can access a wide range of religious resources for spiritual guidance.
  • Games
    Your incarcerated ones are able to play their favorite games and it is available through a subscription offering. They have unlimited access to a large selection of popular titles such as Solitaire, Sudoku, 2048 and more.
  • Facility Services
    Your incarcerated ones are able to digitally access submitted forms, facility documents, requests, and notifications from staff.

Well, it is important for you to note that Secure View tablet features are always expanding and continuously updated. It is done to provide the most useful experience for your incarcerated ones. It is also important for you to note that the availability of features depends on the discretion of the facility.

The Way to Order Securus Tablet

If you want to buy a Securus Tablet, the first thing that you have to do is to access the Securus Tablet site. When you are on that site, you have to click on the Order Now button which can be found on the left side of the page or you can also click on the Get The Tablet button.

Then, you will be directed to a page where you have to choose a facility to see options and prices. You have to click on the drop-down icon in Select a Facility and then choose a facility where your incarcerated one is incarcerated. After choosing, you have to click on the Continue. Then, you will see the price and also the features available on the tablet. You can click on the Select button if you really want to buy it. After you click on the Select button, you will be directed to the Order Info page and there you have to fill in the form.

After you fill in the form, you have to click on the Review Order button and then you can continue to follow the next instructions. It is important for you to note that the tablet should ship in 5 business days.

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