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A commissary deposit is an account created for each inmate that allows them to purchase a variety of snack foods, hygiene items, clothing and many more. The Commissary deposit is operated on a non-cash basis. Adding funds to Commissary deposit can be performed by using credit card or debit card.

If you already work with Securus, you may wonder whether Securus offers the Commissary deposit service or not. In fact, with Securus, you can also add funds for inmates. To know the real information about it, you can dive into our post below!

Does Securus Have Commissary Deposit Service?

In most facilities, the commissary deposit will be found, as this service actually offers to deposit money into an inmate’s account in a fast and secure way. To add funds to the commissary deposit account, the inmate’s family or friends can use credit or debit card to do it.

With Securus, you will not find the Commissary Deposit service, instead you can add funds for inmates using Securus Debit service. The Securus Debit account is owned by the incarcerated individual that is used to pay for any Securus services offered at their facility.

Of course, the Commissary Deposit account and Securus Debit account work differently. The differences between the Commissary Deposit account and Securus Debit account include:

  • The Commissary Deposit account can be used to purchase the inmate’s needs including foods, toiletries, clothes and other primary needs.
  • The Securus Debit account is used to pay for any Securus services including eMessaging stamps, phone calls, tablet media such as music, games, and movies, as well as Video Visits sessions.

To add funds to both the Commissary Deposit account and Securus Debit account, you can take the same method, by using credit or debit card. If you can only fund the Commissary Deposit account through debit or credit card, it’s different from adding funds to a Securus Debit account.

If permitted by the facility, an inmate will be able to transfer funds from their commissary account/ trust account into a Securus Debit account by making a request through their commissary. Furthermore, the correctional facilities will also have the option to allow an inmate’s family and friends to deposit funds directly into a Securus Debit account.

Get to Know Securus Debit

As we’ve mentioned, Securus Debit allows an incarcerated individual to purchase any Securus services. To use this Securus service, an inmate’s Securus debit account should have balance. Of course, you may need to add funds to your loved one’s Securus debit account.

To add funds to Securus Debit account, there are multiple ways to do, including:

1) With debit or credit card

To add funds to an inmate’s Securus debit account with a credit or debit card, make sure the types of your card are Visa or MasterCard. As long as you enter or provide the correct information, all payments paid by Visa or MasterCard will immediately post,

Of course, to add funds with your debit or credit card, you need to register a prepaid card first. To easily register your prepaid card, you can use a contact number or website on the back side of the card.

2) Using Western Union

Securus actually accepts some methods if you want to add fund using Western Union, including:

  • Cash
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Money Order
  • Cashier’s Check

You will have to fill the forms available on your location to add funds to an inmate’s Securus debit and the phone service will also depend on your location. Some locations of Western Union will show the Blue Quick Collect form, but others may have a multi section form and some have a phone service.

3) Through MoneyGram

In addition to adding funds to an inmate’s Securus debit, you can also use MoneyGram to by visiting a MoneyGram agent nearby and make sure to complete the Express Blue Form with the following information:

  • Receive Code: 9819
  • Company Name: SECURUS
  • City & State: Dallas, TX
  • Customer’s Account number
  • Sender’s Information
  • Sender’s Signature

Okay, those are several methods you can select to add funds to an inmate’s Securus Debit account. After an inmate’s Securus debit account is funded, they will be able to make a call to you and you don’t miss a call from your loved one in prison again.

What Are the Benefits of Securus Debit?

If an incarcerated person already has a Securus debit account, both you and your loved one can get benefits of Securus Debit. However, there are several benefits you will get after taking Securus Debit service. Here are they:

  • Without having your own calling account, it will easily find a Securus Debit account
  • The maximum funding amount is roughly $5.00 per transaction
  • To fund an incarcerated individual’s Debit account by contacting them via phone or by visiting their website, you will have 24/7/365 access
  • The funds put in the Securus Debit account will be the fund for your loved one. Certainly, you cannot receive refunds on the Securus debit account. It is known that Securus Debit is currently available at limited facilities.

With a number of benefits you will get after taking Securus Debit service, you may then consider joining Securus debit and add funds to your loved one.

Can You Remove a Securus Debit Account?

Yes, of course! It’s pretty straightforward to remove an inmate’s Securus debit account. Because of some reasons, you really want to remove a Securus debit account. The good news! Securus does not burden you to continue taking a Securus debit option. So, the users will be allowed to remove a Securus debit account easily.

Let’s do the following steps to remove your Securus debit account!

  • First, you need to log into Securus with your account here.
  • Then, you must click on the ‘View Account(s)’ option.
  • Here, make sure to choose the Securus Debit account that you want to remove.
  • After that, you need to click the trash can icon found on the right side.
  • Last, click on the ‘Remove Inmate’ option to start removing your Securus debit account.

That’s how to remove a Securus debit account. After removing a Securus debit account, you can no longer use it and add funds for your loved one in prison. Need to know, a Securus debit account cannot be closed only removed from online view. Instead, you will be able to remove a Securus debit account from your Securus Online account.

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