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Securus seems to offer a 24/ 7 Live Operator service called Securus Contact System that really supports people’s business. This contact system aims to provide best in class contact center solutions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Aside from that, it also empowers businesses with communications systems beyond their own resources.

If you come to this page to look for information about Securus Contact System, you’re at the right page now, as this post will show you what Securus Contact System is, how it works and what people say about this contact system. Let’s dive into our post to find out the information!


Securus Contact Systems offers live receptionist and live chat services across the nation for a multitude of businesses from small startups to large corporations to deliver the best-in-class contact center solutions.

Located in Portland, Oregon, Securus Contact Systems has continued to grow and finally gained recognition as one of the fastest growing 100 companies in the Northwest since 2014 from the Portland Business Journal.

Securus Contact System works to provide the best communication possible for companies in Canada and the United States. With Securus Contact System, there will not be outsourcing, but having highly trained team members which are fully qualified to inform the client’s business.

How Does Securus’ Contact System Work?

Securus Contact System promises to leave a good impression on your customers or clients. The Securus virtual receptionist works to represent their client’s business as if they were in their office. The Securus’s staff is composed of cheerful individuals which are naturals at leaving a lasting impression with your callers.

Securus live chat customer is also similarly friendly and professional that greatly works to represent your business with integrity and a personable attitude. The Securus Contact System has adopted cloud-based computing, Jabber Communications system and VoIP phone systems to provide the great quality service in the industry.

Securus Contact System offers two services to answer customers, including

1) 24/7 Live Receptionist Service

With 24/7 Live Receptionist Service, your customer will never miss a call again. Securus Contact Systems knows people well, so the Securus receptionist will always represent your business greatly to anyone with different character.

The Securus’s receptionists will really help your business grow and succeed. However, this system makes exceptional connections with your customers through their live receptionist service. So far, the Securus’s receptionist leaves trustworthy impressions with each interaction.

The 24/7 Live Receptionists will answer the customer when they dial your number. After that, the customer’s calls will be routed through Securus Contact Systems proprietary call handling software.

The customer’s call will be answered immediately by one of Securus’s receptionists and they will answer with a smile using a custom greeting that you’ve given. Last, the Securus’s receptionist will follow the instructions based on your customized script. They will transfer you the call, take a message, schedule an appointment and many more.

2) 24/7 Live Chat Service

It is a real fact that everyone wants real customer service, day or night. With Securus live chat, your customer will get a response from real customer service. The Securus’s live chat agents will work to make your business better, since they will always respond to any customer’s questions and will also be concerned with personable service.

Securus’s live chat agents will also leave customers and clients in good hands. With friendly and professional service, their live chat agents will be able to handle customer-facing communications live on your website.

To get started, all you need is a little code that is added to your website, that’s simple, isn’t it? After it is applied, whenever a visitor enters into a live chat on your website, the Securus’s live chat agent will be notified, jump on the chat and also respond to that customer’s concerns and questions.

Afterwards, Securus’s live agent can resolve the vast majority of visitor requests, but if something harder comes up, the query may be kicked directly to your company’s staff for resolution.

How to Get Started Working with the Securus Contact System?

If you’re really interested in working with Securus Contact System, you can get started by filling out the registration form here. At registration page, you will need to enter your business name, your contact number, your phone number and email.

After that, you need to choose a service plan and Securus Contact System will start to build your account. You also need to provide your Call Handling Instructions as your design such as your custom greeting, call scenarios, delivery receipts and methods.

Afterwards, you can also try out your account with free test calls. The free test calls ensure your 100% satisfaction before going live.

Here’s a list of service plans you can choose:

  • Business plan: $259.00/ month with 100 minutes calling duration.
  • Premium plan: $622.50/ month with 250 minutes calling duration.
  • Enterprise plan: $1,190.00/ month with 500 minutes calling duration.

People’s Reviews for Securus Contact Systems

What people say about Securus Contact System have been available on some sites including Trustpilot,,, etc. Of course, each site will present both positive reviews and negative reviews. If you have a plan to work with Securus Contact System, it would be better for you to know the people’s review of Securus Contact Systems.

No worries! We’ll show you people’s reviews for Securus Contact System that we have summarized from several sources. Let’s see what people say about Securus Contact System below:

Positive reviews

  • Securus Contact System offers professional service with timely update
  • The receptionists quickly respond the customer’s calls with friendly manner
  • The Securus’s agent treats the people’s customer better than in house receptionist
  • Affordable price for excellent service
  • Securus Contact System is very easy and convenient to use
  • Good pay, flexible work schedule
  • Working remotely
  • Scheduling flexibility, work from home option with competitive pay

Negative reviews

  • Long hold times, understaffed
  • The Securus’s live agents do not present the information about people’s business clearly
  • With unknown reasons, Securus Contact System charges the clients twice and refused to give any money back
  • The Securus Contact System is sometimes not very flexible with their employees
  • Horrible culture, little pay, not much support and no chances for advancement
  • Lack of training and lack of benefits
  • Long term employees need more compensation

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