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If you have any problems with Securus, you may want to get help as quickly as possible, right? That’s what you will get in Securus. Well, Securus seems to ease the users to quickly get help by contacting the Securus Support. There are multiple ways to contact Securus Support including by phone, by email and by mail.

However, you may be confused about where to contact Securus in order to get a quick response, considering there are some telephone numbers to dial. Of course, each Securus’s phone number will have a different response. No worries! If you really get a quick response from Securus, you can dial Securus Live Operator. Let’s see the phone number below!

Securus Live Operator Phone Number

To get a quick response from Securus, you can make a call to Securus Live Operator at 1-800-844-6591. This phone number is for calling the Securus Live Operator using landline phone/ international. You can dial this phone number to ask for help regarding your Securus access problem, issues of payment and many more.

Aside from Securus Live Operator, Securus also has some phone numbers to call, depending on the problems the users face. Here are other Securus phone number to call:

  • 972-734-1111: You can dial this phone number using your mobile device. This support line is available 24×7 365 days a year.
  • 1-877-578-3658: You can dial this phone number to ask for help regardless of Securus Video Connect Information.

Well, contacting Securus Support by phone will get a quicker response than contacting Securus by email and mail. So, if you accidentally get any problems with Securus, it would be better for you to  make a call to Securus.

Others Securus Contacts

In addition to contacting Securus Support by phone, you can also contact Securus by email and mail. However, contacting Securus using the two methods may be slower than contacting Securus by phone. We think you can choose these methods to contact Securus if you face common problems that do not need to get a quick response.

By email

  • To send a message to Securus, you can use this email address and tell your problem as clearly as possible. Securus will receive your message every day (24 x7, 365 days a year)

By facsimile

  • 800-368-3168: To send a message to Securus with facsimile, you can use this number.

By mail

If you want to send message by mail, you can send it to the following addresses:

  • GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE: Securus Contact Center, PO Box 1109, Dallas, Texas 75001
  • CHECK PAYMENTS: Securus Correctional Billing Services, PO Box 650757, Dallas, Texas 75265-0757

How Does Securus Support Respond to the Customer’s Issues/ Report?

In Securus, there is ‘Service Level Agreement (SLA) that is made part of and governed by the Master Services Agreement executed between Provider and Customer.

If the users experience an Application outage or malfunction or also the Application requires maintenance (each a System Event), the users need to report the System Event to Provider’s Technical Support Department (Technical Support).

Of course, the users need to contact technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week by contacting one of the Securus Support methods above. After that, Provider will provide Customer reasonable notice commercially, when practical before any Technical Support outage.

Here’s how Securus responds the customer’s report:

1. Priority Classifications

After receipt of Customer’s report of a System Event, Technical Support will then classify the System Event into the following levels:

  • Priority 1: 30% or more of the functionality of the Application will be adversely affected by the System Event.
  • Priority 2: 5% – 29% of the functionality of the Application will be adversely affected by the System Event.
  • Priority 3: Less than 5% of the functionality of the Application will be adversely affected by the System Event. Single and multiple phones regarding the issues.

2. Response Times

Once receipt of notice of the System Event, the Provider will respond to the System Event within the following time periods:

  • Priority 1: 2 hours
  • Priority 2: 24 hours
  • Priority 3: 72 hours

3. Response Process

In the event of a System Event, in which the equipment is available on Customer premises, the Technical Support will then either initiate remote diagnosis and correction of the System Event or dispatch a field technician to the Facility. The technical support will initiate remote diagnosis and correction of the System Event if it happens in the centralized SCP system.

4. Performance of Service

All the maintenance and repair of the Applications will be performed in a good manner at no cost to Customer except as may be set forth in the Agreement. Any requested modification or upgrade to the Application which is agreed by Provider and Customer may be subject to charge as set forth in the Agreement. It will be applied within the time period agreed by the parties.

5. Escalation Contact

Afterwards, the customer’s account will be then monitored by the applicable Territory Manager and Regional Service Manager. Aside from that, the customer probably uses the following escalation list if Provider’s response time exceeds 36 hours: first to Technical Support Manager or Regional Service Manager à Director of Field Services à Executive Director, Service.

6. Notice of Resolution

Once receiving internal notification that a Priority 1 System Event has been resolved, a Technical Support will contact the customer to confirm resolution. For a Priority 2 or 3 System Event, a member of Provider’s customer satisfaction team will confirm resolution later.

7. Monitoring

Afterwards, the Provider will monitor its back office and validation systems 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

8. Required IGR

The customer will be responsible to provide a dedicated isolated ground receptacle (IGR) used in connection with the Applications. After request, the Provider will inform the specifications of IGR to the customer. If the customer does not provide the IGR, the Provider will provide the IGR on time.

9. End-User Billing Services and Customer Care

The department of Provider’s Securus Correctional Billing Services will maintain dedicated customer service representatives to handle end-user problems including call blocking, unblocking end-user payment accounts and many more.

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