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For you who have a family or a friend in the jail, exchanging anything such as message or a thing must seem so hard. Actually, the communication or exchanging something with the inmate can be done easily thanks to some company who provide this kind of service. Talking about this kind of company, there is one that you cannot exclude named JPay. With this company, you are able to send money, send an email, send videogram, do video visitation, buy phone time, and parole and probation payments to the inmate or another way around. Please visit the official website of it if you want to know more. the website can be access easily across 35 states in the United States.

JPay is one of the trusted companies when it comes to its field. Everything related to this is so easy. For instance, sending money through JPay will not take much time. The money you are sending will arrive in the next day. It is such a fast and secure way. As stated before, you also can exchange greeting with the inmates by buying the phone time to call them or doing the video visitation so you can see their faces.

Then, how far is the progress of JPay? JPay keeps improving its services day by day in order to serve the best products and services. Making customers satisfied are everything for JPay. The main goal of JPay is no one than to make the inmates and their family or friends to stay connected easily by providing a lot of services mentioned above.

In the year of 2009, JPay offered JP3, MP3 player and even a music library dedicate for every inmate. Three years later, which in 2012, this company made a tablet named JP4. JP4 is such a complete device as it can be used for playing games, reading and drafting emails, and listening to music. Aside from hat, it also allows the inmates to communicate with the outside world by attaching the videogram and photos. The use of this JP4 has been approved by the stated corrections departments. Right now, the tablet of JPay has been distributed in seven Department of Agencies or DOA which includes Florida, Georgia, Virginia, North Dakota, Lousiana, Washington, and Michigan.

Another good news as the result of the progress of JPay is the existence of JP5 tablet. This one is able to help he inmates on keeping engaged, pass the time,and stay connected to the outside world. The model of the tablet can be different in every state. This thing depends on some factors such as facility. With this JP5, every inmate is able to listen to music, play games, compose and read emails, see photos and videos, and access the educational materials. The other plus points of this device include easy to understand and easy o use, portable and touchscreen, cosists of calculator, notepad, FM radio, stopwatch, accessories, and so on. To get one, you can get the tablet in the location where the inmate reside.

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