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Being an inmate does not mean being fully ostracized with the outside world. This not the end of the world. In this 21st era, every inmate can still stay connected to their family or their friends in the outside world. This thing has become possible thanks to some companies such as JPay who provide the service. With JPay, an inmate even possible to own the smartphone or tablet so communicating with the outside world will be more easier.

The smartphone or table mentioned above is not the common smartphone or table that used by common people. That smartphone or tablet is different as it was made by JPay. It is dedicated to no one that the inmates. Have you ever seen this kind of smartphone or tablet?

JPay has released some smartphones or tablets. The latest ones are called JP5s and JP5 mini. By using those smartphones or tables, every inmate is able to send and receive the the email, talk with their family and friends, and make the videogram, do video visitation, and so on. Basically, everything the inmate wants to do with their family or friends in the outside world can be done with the help of this smartphone or tablet. In order to make them all possible, the inmates and their family or friends have to download the mobile app of JPay.

JPay Mobile App Download

Apparently, the mobile app of JPay is available for both Android and iOS. For the users of Android, you have to visit the Play Store to get this app. in the front page of Play Store, you just have to find the search bar, type JPay, click it and the result will be shown. Click the one and you will be directed to JPay. You can read some information about this app first before downloading one. There are some important features of this app such as equipped with Prepaid Reply for JPay email, simple to send money using the debt or credit card, allows to receive and send email messages to multiple recipients with attachment photos, available purchase for JPay stamps, and so on. The other features of it include creating and managing the account of JPay. After reading some information about it, please click on the install button so you can get one and the download will be started automatically. Once it is successfully downloaded, click it so it can be opened. You have to log in first so you can use this app. If you do not have the account of JPay, please create one and then log in later. It is better for you to always check if there is any updates available so you can use the latest feature of the app.

As for the users of iOS, you can get the mobile app of JPay through App Store. The steps of getting one is similar as for Android. The function, the use, and the features are also not that different with the app for Android. The only difference is the device itself.

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