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As we know that JPay Company allows the family or friends of inmate to sending money to their beloved inmates. There are many ways to send money to the inmates. One of them is with MoneyGram. There are about 40,000 MoneyGram agents in the United States at retail centers like Walmart, 7-11 and CVS Pharmacy. Each MoneyGram agent is equipped with a list of JPay receive codes. It is to ensure the cash which you send gets where it’s supposed to go.

How to Send Money with MoneyGram

By the way, you are able to follow these steps below.

  1. The first step, you have to find the nearest MoneyGram location.
  2. After you have found the nearest MoneyGram location, then you have to go to there. When you go MoneyGram location, remember that you have to bring your valid personal identification. Here you can bring your ID card or driver’s license.
  3. After that, you have to complete the MoneyGram Express Payment service form. It is include the appropriate receive code and account number. Here, you have to fill the correct JPay receive code and the inmate ID plus the last name of inmate with no spaces.
  4. Then if you have filled the form completely, now you are able to give the filled form to the MoneyGram agent along the cash money which you will to send. Do not forget to give also the transfer fee.
  5. Afterwards, you are going to receive a reference number. Please save the payment reference number from agent because you are going to need it in the future reference.
  6. The process of money transfer approximately ten minutes. Then in 24 hours, the funds are going to be received by your inmate.

Alternative Method: Send Money by Using Your Credit Card

  1. The first step, on the JPay home page, you must click “Send Money” on the navigation menu.
  2. The next step, on the “Send Money” page, you should do one of the following:
  • In the “Transfer Category” list, you have to choose a transfer category and then click “Continue”.
  • Or if no Transfer Category is available, you can click “Continue”.
  1. Afterwards, in the “Select card” list, you have to select the card that you want to use then please enter the validation code for the card. Maybe you are more known a card validation code as a CVV or CVV2 code. It is three digit codes which located inside a white box on the right side of the back of your card. It is usually near the signature strip.
  2. In the “Enter Amount” field, please enter the amount of money that you want to send to your inmate. Now you can click “Continue”.
  3. The last step, in the Payment Verification box, makes sure that the information is correct. Finally you just need to click “Submit”.

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