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Missing someone you love is so hard. It is even harder when the one you love is one of the prison inmates. There are some pressures from the circumstance. Everything is hard and difficult, including making the next restitution or supervision payment. To help your hard time, there are some companies that lend hands regarding the inmates. One of the best ones is known as JPay. When it comes to inmates, JPay is the best answer. Who does not want the best thing for the beloved ones, even when they are in the prison? JPay and prison inmates is like one thing that cannot be separated. Do you want to know more about JPay? Please keep reading this article to get more information about it.

As stated before, JPay is one of the best in the field. There is no doubt about it. it is one of the most trusted name in corrections as it has a lot of experiences. JPay was created in the year of 2002, so this year is its 15th year in the industry. The first CEO of JPay named Ryan Shapiro, who was also the CEO of the company. There was the exchange role in the year of 2016 as Ryan Shapiro stepped down as the CEO and a man named Errorl Feldman took over his role.

In the early year of JPay, every employee of it worked in New York, the United Stated. After about three years (2005), this company moved its headquarter from New York to Miami, Florida. Started from 2011, the main office of JPay is in Miramar, Florida, the United States as it needs the larger place for call center. Right now, JPay has more than one office which spread in several places such as Virginia, Oklahoma, Colorado, and so on.

JPay has a commitment for helping the friends and family of inmates to keep connected to their incarcerated ones. For JPay, the inmates and the family and the friends of inmates are everything. To help them all, JPay provides a variety of products and serves a variety of services in more than 30 states across the country of the United States.

Some products offered by JPay include JPay tablets. Those tables are different from the common tables used by people in outside world. However, the shape, the function, and the features are similar. They can be used by the inmates to communicate with their beloved family members or friends as it can send and receive emails, record VideoGram, do video visitation, learn everything, play the games, and so on. just like the common tablets, those JPay tablets also can be varieted such as JP5, JP5 mini, and many more.

Aside from the products, JPay also serves the best services for the inmates and their family and friend. One of the services is money transfer. Transferring money through JPay is fast, easy, and secure. Money you sent before 4 pm will be received by your inmate in the next day. There are several methods to send money. Feel free to choose one.

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