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JPay is known by public as one of the privately held corrections-related service providers formed in the year of 2002 in the United States. This company is counted as one of the largest. Its experience and its achievements say it all. JPay is known for offering the best products and serving the best services. When it comes to services and products for the inmates and their family members and friends, JPay is the right choice.

So, what are the products and the services of JPay? Some inmate services of JPay include Money Transfer, Email & VideoGram, Education, JPay Player, and Video Visitation. How about JPay rates? are all of them high?

JPay rates are not that high. All of them are considered normal. You can look for JPay rates on the official website of JPay. When you are in its homepage, please scroll down the cursor to the bottom part where the prison search is. By clicking this menu, you will be directed to Avability & Pricing. There is a map that can you use to see the fees, timing service ability and facility or agency contact information. Not every service of JPay is available in every correction. So is the facility or agency. Apparently, JPay rates are also different. The rates depend on the correction your inmate live in. Here are some examples for you related to JPay rates.

In Central Regional Parole Office (AZ Community Supervision), the only available JPay service is Send Money. The online rates are different with phone rates. When you send money online from $1.00 until $20.00, you will be charged $1.45. You have to pay the fee $2.45 when you send $20.00 until $30.00, $3.45 when you send $30.01 until $40.00, and $6.45 when you send $40.01 until $300.00. if you want to send money by phone, you you have to pay $2.45 for $1.00 until $20.00, $3.45 for $20.01 until $30.00, $4.45 for $30.01 until $40.00, and $7.45 for $40.01 until $300.00.

In Taft Correctional Institution, there are two more available JPay services aside from Send Money. Those are Email and Outbound Email. For Send Money, JPay rates starts from $3.95 until $10.95 for online and $4.95 until $11.95 if you send by phone. Just like the rates of Send Money, Email Postage Fees are also different. For 5 stamps, the fee is $2.00. For 15 stamps, it costs $5.00 and for 45 stamps i is $10.00. For your information, every typed page of the text cost one stamp. Every attachment costs 1 stamp.  As for Outbound Email, the fee is $1.43 for 1 stamp, $2.15 for 5 stamps, $4.30 for 10 stamps, and $8.60 for 20 stamps.

For more information of JPay rates, once again, please visit its official website. All of information are there. You just have to know what state is your inmate and in what correction your inmate live. If you have any question regarding JPay rates, you can talk to the representative of JPay by dialing its customer service number or sending them an email.

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