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JPay is a company that provides services that relates to corrections and it can be used in 35 states in the United States. JPay enables people to stay connected with their inmates. JPay offers the services like sending money, sending email, doing video visitation, buying phone time, sending videogram, buying tablet for inmates, and parole and probation payment. But, you have to know that not all the services are available in the states that provide the services of JPay. You have to check first the availability of the services by visiting the website of JPay and then access Availability and Pricing page to see the availability of services, fees, and contact information of agency or facility.

As we mentioned above that not all states in the United States has access to JPay. There are only 35 states that has access to JPay. One of them is Michigan. For you who have inmate in Michigan Department of Corrections, you can use the services of JPay. But, once more, you have to check the availability and pricing first before you use the service of JPay. To find out that, you can click on the Michigan in the map or the list of states that are available in the website of JPay exactly in the Availability and Pricing page. When you click Michigan, you will see that the available JPay services in the Michigan Department of Corrections are email and outbound email that are completed with the rates. If you want to know more details, you can click on one of the corrections office. For example, you want to know about Alger Maximum Correctional Facility, you can click that and then you will see the available services of JPay that consist of email and outbound email and also the rates, the amount of JPay inmate kiosks, physical address and also phone number.

If you want to send emails via JPay, you will have to buy stamps or a subscription via JPay to send an email. The mail will be scanned by JPay for security issues and sent to the Michigan Department of Corrections where it is reviewed again before it is sent to the inmates. If the message contain inappropriate content, it can delay the process or it can be rejected. Inmates will receive the message via a kiosk that is located in the housing unit. They can compose and read emails on their JPay Mp3 player but it must be connected to a housing unit kiosk. They can respond the mail by buying electronic stamps from JPay on the kiosk.

As we mentioned above that you can only use two services of JPay in Michigan Department of Corrections that is email and outbound email. The good news is that the tablet of JPay will be available soon in Michigan Department of Corrections. Then, how about the other services that people want to do with their inmates like sending money, video visitation, or phone time? Since February 2017, people cannot use JPay to transfer money to your inmates. It happens because the prior agreement with JPay for this service has reached the end of its contract term. Now, Michigan Department of Corrections select GTL Financial to provide this service until 2020 and for the other services, this department cooperate with the other company. For more information, you can visit the website of Michigan Department of Corrections.

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