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To know more about Marin County Jail, you can visit the official website of JPay. When you are on its homepage, scroll down your cursor to the bottom page. There find Prison Search and click it. you will be directed to the page of Availability & Pricing. Marin County Jail is in California, so you have to click on California on the map or scroll down the list until you see California. Apparently, Marin County Jail is part of Country Jails, aside from Mesa Verde Detention Facility. Click on the link Marin County Jail and you will be directed to the page of Marin County Jail. The page consists of some information including the available JPay services, the map, the facility, the physical address, and the phone.

Marin County Jail has only one facility. It is called Marin County jail (MRN). Marin County Jail (MRN) is located in 13 Peter Behr Dr. San Rafael, CA, 94903. Some services of JPay are available in this jail. Those are Sending Money and Email.

Send Money is probably one of the most favorite services of JPay. This service is available in every DOC in the United States. With the help of this service, every family member or friend of the inmate can send money to their inmates easily. Aside from easy, sending money through JPay is fast and secure. Money that sent before 4 pm can be received by the inmate in the next day. There are several ways to transfer money via JPay. The family members and friends of the inmates can transfer money with debit or credit card via JPay online, JPay Mobile, and toll-free phone. Another option is by sending it via JPay Money Orders feature. This one is least recommended because it usually takes more time than the other three. The more money you transfer, the bigger the rate will be. If you have a plan to transfer money to the loved one in Marin County Jail, please remember that the maximum allowed is $300.00.

The second service of JPay that is available in Marin County Jail is sending email. For most inmate, money is not the only think they need. They also need some other things such as the encouragement. Please write and send email to your loved one as often as possible. Tell them everything that can make them through their live. Also, you can tell them your condition. However, it is better if you only tell the happy one. To send it, you have to purchase JPay stamp. The email postage fees start from $5.00 for 20 stamps until $10.00 for 50 stamps. Your email will be received within 48 hours.

Both facilities of JPay can help every inmate in this jail to keep in touch with their family members and friends. To use those services of JPay, every inmate in this jail can use the only one JPay Lobby Kiosk. If you have any questions related to Marin County Jail, you can make a call to (415) 473-6655.

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