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It is kind of difficult to meet your loved inmate. In the jail, all inmates have limitations that limit them to meet people from the outside and do anything they want. It is also such a bad news for every family member and friend of the inmates as they face difficulties to keep in touch with their inmate as often as they want, especially when the jail that your loved one is in is far from your place.

That kind of difficulties will not be a problem in this 21st century. Now, there is a service provider that can help family members and friends of inmates to stay connected with their inmates whenever and wherever. Whenever you miss your inmate, you can get connected to them via video visitation, send email or VideoGram. Another thing you can do to make the burden of your inmate lighter is to send fund for the inmate so the inmate can fulfill their needs in the jail.

JPay is known as the company that was founded in the year of 2002. He was the founder and the CEO of JPay until 2016. To fill his position, Errol Feldman became the CEO. At first, this company was headquartered in New York, the United States. in 2005, it moved to Miami and moved again for the second time to Miramar, Florida in 2011. The reason behind this was to accommodate a larger call center.

JPay has several excellent services for inmates and their friends and family members. Some of the services are sending money, sending email, sending VideoGram, buying JPay player, buying phone time, scheduling video visitation, and so on.

To send money through JPay, there are some options you can choose. The methods include via the official website of JPay, via phone to 1-800-574-5729, via MoneyGram (this one will required the correctional ID of inmate, inmate’s last name, name of facility, or receive code), via Money Order (you will be required money order or check of the cashier and the coupon of JPay money order that can be downloaded in the website of JPay), and transferring via Lobby Kiosk (it can be done using the credit card. To use this one, the first thing you have to do is to check the availability and price page to see the existence of the lobby kiosk in the location your inmate is in.

You have to buy stamps if you want to send email. Aside from the message, you can also add some attachments such as photos, video, and so on. For the video, it is called VideoGram. It is like the short video with only 30 seconds of limitation. The email you send can be received by the inmate in the form of printed format or electronic one. It depends on the facility of the correction your inmate in.

If you want to talk face to face with your inmate, you can schedule the video visitation. There are a calendar of inmate that can help you to make a schedule.

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