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Do you have the incarcerated family member or friend? What provider do you use to get connected to them? Are you one of the customers of JPay? If the answer to the question is yes, then you just take the best decision as JPay is known as the best one that provides the best products and serves the best services. Basically, it helps a lot of people who want to be able to get through the difficult time of dealing with the process of the corrections. As you know, the process of it can be very challenging and the help of the provider such as JPay will certainly be a great thing that everyone want to get.

JPay serves a lot of services, including sending money to the inmates as well as the other services such as sending good packages, video visitations, and many more. When a family member or a friend of inmates wants to send money, send package, and anything else, she or he needs to check on the location of the inmates first. If you do not know or you are not sure about it, you are able to look for it on the official website of JPay. When you are in the homepage of the website, you have to scroll down your cursor to reach the menu. You can find Inmate Search to look for the inmate or find Prison Search to look for the location of the prison. Click the one you want to. If you want to know about the inmate, you are required to select the state and enter the inmate ID before hitting the green Find button. In case you do not know the ID of the inmate, you can click on the link written “Don’t know the ID #?”.

When you click on the menu “Prison Search”, you will be directed to the Availability & Pricing instead. You can you the map which is located in the right side of the page or scroll down the list to see the fees, timing, service availability, and facility or agency contact information. If there is any, you can also get the link to the official website of the agency you look up the information of your inmate or offender. Just choose JPay location you are or the inmate in. Remember that every JPay location might have different service and facility.

It is said that the official website of JPay is the best option to get information about JPay. However, if you face any difficulties finding JPay locations or you have some question related to JPay locations and you need some help as it cannot be solved by yourself, the best way you can do is to contact the customer service of JPay. The number of its customer service is (800) 574-5729. this one works for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It means that you can talk to them anytime you want without having to worry about anything.

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