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JPay is the private company that allows the family and friends of inmates to communicate safely and fast where they are able to send money, email and can do video visitation. JPay’s Video Visitation allows you to talk face-to face with your beloved inmates from your own home by using a personal computer (PC). Once you cannot go to the prison for your inmates because any reasons, you are able to do this video visitation to stay talk face to face with your beloved inmate. We think this is the great solution. You have to know that you should have JPay Inmate account in order to you can get all JPay’s services. It is very easy way to make JPay inmate account. If you a new user and you do not have your JPay inmate account, so you can make a new JPay account.

For this, you have to go to the JPay official page. At the homepage, you are able to sign up for services. Firstly, you have to select your state. The second step, you have to enter your inmate ID. If you do not know about your inmate number, you are able to click on the “Don’t know the ID #” link. A page will appear, and then you are able to read and follow the instructions there to locate and access the inmate which you want to connect. After you get your inmate ID, now you can enter it and click “Next”. It will bring you to connect your inmate. Then, please follow the remaining process carefully to complete your sign up process. The last, after you complete your sign up process, now you are able to login your JPay account to get all JPay’s services.

By the way how to login into JPay account? If you are a new user and still be confusing how to login JPay account, let us following steps. Firstly, to login into JPay account, you have to go to JPay official page. Afterwards the JPay homepage is going to open.  Once you reach at the JPay homepage, you are able to click the green login button which is located on the top right side. Then, a login page is going to open login area. If you are in the login area, you have to enter your email address which you enter when you make JPay account. After that, you have to enter your password for JPay account. In this case, if you use your personal computer, you are able to check the box “Remember my email” but if you use a public one, you do not check it due to security reasons. Before you click on “Login”, you have to ensure that you enter the correct email address and password. Now, you are able to click “login”. It is going to show you Jpay services for inmates. So you are going to begin communicate with your beloved inmate. The last, we hope this article is useful for you.

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