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There is commissary order list in some correctional company. Do you know what commissary order list is? Well, we will explain it to you. The commissary order list is provided to purchase the food, hygiene and the other personal matters. The prerogative to buy such goods may be based on the behavior of inmate and custody. Usually, the new inmates cannot have that privilege. If the inmates have bad behavior, they also can not have the privilege to buy something as they want in the commissary order list. To make the commissary order list, you need to know the facility and state where the inmate is located and also the ID number of the inmate or the name of inmate. The commissary order list service is a secure and fast way to order something for the inmate. To do that, you are able to use your credit card or debit card.

JPay Company helps you to stay connected with your inmates. JPay provide services such as money transfer, email, video gram, education, JPay player and video visitation.  By the way, is there JPay commissary order list? From the website, we cannot find whether JPay is available to do commissary order list or not. But if you need some information about that, you are able to ask further to the customer service that can help you in 24 hours. Maybe it depends on the agency of your inmate, so if you are curious about the available commissary order list, you are able to ask to the agency of your inmate.

As we said before that there are many JPay services. One of the JPay’s main services is money transfer. Usually the process of money transfer through JPay is able to arrive to the inmate in the next day. Of course, it is very quick, secure and trusted. The family or friends of inmates are able to send money by variety way. Those ways are through JPay online, MoneyGram, Money order, lobby kiosk or by toll free call. The rate is variety. You are able to check the rate for every transfer in the availability and pricing page in JPay official page. Usually, the rate depends on the facility or correctional agency, amount of transfer and also the method of transfer which is used. Here, we want to give you the example related to JPay rate. In Cochise Regional Parole Office (AZ Community Supervision) the available JPay service is Send Money. The online rates are different with phone rates. Once you send money online from $1.00 until $20.00, you will be charged $1.45. You have to pay the fees $2.45 once you send money $20.01 until $30.00, $3.45 once you send money $30.01 until $40.00 and $6.45 once you send money $40.01 until $300.00. Then, if you want to send money by phone, you have to pay $2.45 for $1.00 until $20.00, $3.45 for $20.01 until $30.00, $4.45 for $30.01 until $40.00 and $7.45 for $40.01 until $300.00.

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