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JPay is counted as one of the privately held corrections related service provider based in Miramar, Florida, the United States. This company has been around since the year of 2002. This is one of the favorites as it provides the high quality products and serves the hih quality services. In this article, we are going to talk about JPay inmate services, so for those who are looking for the products, please visit the official website of JPay.

As displayed on the official website of JPay, there are five JPay inmate services in total. The first one is Money Transfer. If you want to send money for the inmate via JPay, it can be confirmed that the inmate will get the funds they need to get by inside. The process of transferring is quick and secure. You can do it with just your computer, phone, or any MoneyGram agent location worldwide.

The second one is email and Videogram. There is no one that can beat email in the term of staying in touch with the inmate. It is like the fastest way to write an inmate. The service of JPay inmate email is known as the fastest email service available to inmates in the country.

The third one is education. In this service, there are JPay’s Latern, KA Lite, eBooks, and Educational Games. As part of the mission in helping educate and rehabilitate the inmates, JPay built the technology driven education program named JPay’s Latern. This program is like the cross functional program which makes the education can be accessed by the inmates via the Learning Management System, JPay tables, and inmate kiosks. There are thousands of educational videos in KA Lite. All of them are created for self guide learning. Apparently, JPay makes it free so the every inmate can use this free service. This one provides a lot of subjects including math, science, computers, language arts, and many more. To get this service, the inmates have to download it first to the JP5 table from the JPay Inmate Kiosks. With eBooks and JPay tablets, the inmates are able to enjoy a variety of eBooks with different tittles form the library of JPay. If learning in common way is to tough to do, there are a lot of educational games of JPay that can be tried by the inmates. With this service, the inmates can learn every subject with more fun vibe.

The fourth one is buy media. This one is about the JP5 tablets. All of tables produced by JPay are different from the common ones. Every tablet of JPay is dedicated only for the inmates. However, this one does not lose when it comes to the features. The model of the tablet even varies depending on the state, facility, and the other factors.

The last one is called Video Visitation. You are likely know that physical visits are so difficult. With this service, your feeling of sad will be turned into joy as you can talk face to face with your incarcerated family or friend.

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