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JPay Friends and Family is known as the term to address the friends and family of inmates that use JPay as a company to help them to stay connected with their beloved inmates. JPay is like the home for JPay friends and family. By being home means that everyone is comfortable enough to live in. All of them has put their trust to one of the biggest corrections-related service providers in the United States. JPay actually knows how important it is to support the incarcerated loved one, as they probably have more hard time that people in the outside. JPay knows what you need. Its main goal is to make JPay friends and family to stay connected with their loved incarcerated ones, even they live in such different world. On the other word, the inmates and their friends and family are everything for JPay.

JPay was created in the year of 2002 by the founder and the CEO named Ryan Shapiro. Right now, it has Errol Feldman as its CEO. This based in Miramar, Florida company is known as the fastest and the most secure money transfer. Money you transferred through JPay before 4 pm can be received by your loved inmate in the next day. It is probably one of things that makes it last until this time. Every service of JPay is also quick and affordable so you do not even have to worry about the rates.

JPay provides the best products such as JP5 Tablets and serve the best services. Talking about its services, this company offers convenient and affordable correction services. This is basically what JPay friends and family need. Some of the inmates services include money transfer, email, videos, tablets, music, education and parole and probation payments.

Aside as the source of the information about the products and the services of JPay, the official website of JPay can be used by JPay friends and family to communicate with the fellow JPay friend and family. There is a forum provided by the company as a place for JPay friends and family. In this forum, every friend or family of inmates is able to exchange some information about anything including about the correction, parole and probation, and so on. There, they also can share their story or their difficulties having the incarcerated one. By sharing, hope the burden could be lighter than before. For your information, the link that linked to the forum can be found in the website. Go join the other JPay friends and family for the behalf of yourself and your loved incarcerated one.

Go visit the official website of JPay to dig more about JPay. The website is the main source for JPay friends and family to look for what they and their beloved inmates need. If you have any questions related to anything about JPay, you can call its customer service by dialing the number (800) 574-5729. This customer support is available for 24 hours a year and 7 days a week. Feel free to ask anything and please do not hesitate.

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