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JPay is one of companies that provides corrections-related services. The headquarters of this company is in Miramar, Florida, the United States. To do the services, this company has a number of contracts with the other departments such as state Departments of Correction (DOC), county jails, and private federal prisons to supply technologies and services.

JPay was built  by Ryan Shapiro in 2002. Then, he became a CEO. But, in 2016 he stepped down and then Errol Feldman become a new CEO to change Ryan Shapiro. JPay is present to make the family and friends of inmates stay connected with their inmates. JPay is present in 35 states in the United States and offers several services such as money transfer, communications and inmate devices, parole and probation payment, and charitable donations.

  • Money Transfer

The family and friends of inmates can deposit money for their inmates by the help of JPay. You can transfer money by online payments by accessing; over the phone by calling to 1-800-574-5729; via MoneyGram that is available in Walmart, 7-11, CVS and Pharmacy; via Money Order; and via Lobby Kiosk.

  • Communications and Inmate Devices

The family and friends of inmates can communicate with their inmates by using the communication services which are offered by JPay. They can do video visitation, buy phone time, send email, send videogram and instant messaging.

  • Parole and Probation Payments.

The family and friends of inmates also can do payment services for inmates to make community corrections and court-ordered payments. Besides, JPay also provides a release card that is a prepaid, reloadable MasterCard.

  • Charitable Donations

JPay is one of the corporate supporters of the Creative Corrections Education Foundation, a nonprofit that was built by a former Texas warden, where the activity is to collect contributions from inmates and from corporate sponsors to sponsor scholarships for children of the inmates.

From time to time, JPay always try to give the best services by doing development. In 2005, to load a larger call center, the company of JPay moved the headquarters from New York to Miami and then moved again in 2011 from Miami to Miramar, Florida. And then, in 2012, a tablet named  JP4 was launched by JPay. The tablet was designed for the industry of corrections and it can be used by the inmates to draft and read emails, listen to music, play games, see and attach photos and videograms. The state corrections departments make the decision to allow the use of JP4 and the full extent of its functions. For now, the tablet can only be used by the inmates in seven Departments of Correction agencies which consist of Georgia, North Dakota, Louisiana, Florida, Michigan, Virginia and Washington. Then, in 2015, JPay was acquired by Securus Technologies even though terms of the agreement were secret.

Well, even though JPay offers a lot of services that can make inmates and their family and friends stay connected, but you have to note that not all of the services are available in the Departments of Correction in 35 states. You have to check first the availability of the services in the Availability and Pricing page in the website of JPay.

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