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Logo is a graphic mark, symbol or emblem that is usually used by commercial enterprises, organizations, and individuals to help and promote instant public recognition. A logo must have a philosophy and concept. A logo also usually has  a characteristic like colour and the shape of the logo itself. A logo can use any element like writing, picture, logogram, illustration and many more.

Logo has several functions. They are:

·         As an identity to differentiate it with the other identities.

·         As an ownership mark.

·         As a quality assurance sign.

·         To prevent impersonation or piracy.

·         To add a positive value.

·         As a legal property from a product or organization.

·         To communicate information as originality, value and quality.

There are some types of logo. They are logotype, logogram and a logo that combine between logogram and logotype. Logo also can be in the form of alphabet, symbols, numbers, concrete forms, and abstract forms. When we make a logo, some things that must be considered are colour, typography, shape, balance, taste, opinion and research.

Well, as the other company, JPay as one of company that provides corrections-related services also has a logo. As we can see in the website of JPay that logo of JPay is a word JPay that is begun with a capital letter and the word is put in a dark blue circle. This logo is of course made with a meaning. Why the colour is dark blue? Why the word is put in the circle? Those things have reasons and meaning.

JPay provides a lot of services that can make the family and friends of inmates always stay connected each other. The family and friends of inmates can transfer money to them via online, via phone, via MoneyGram, via Lobby Kiosk, or via Money Order. Then, the family and friends of inmates also can communicate with the inmates. The forms of communication is various. They can communicate by phone, video visitation, sending an email, or sending a videogram. If you send an email to the inmates, then the email that you send will be checked by the team of JPay and then if the email does not contain a banned content, it can be sent to the Department of Corrections where your inmate is incarcerated and then Department of Correction will send it to the inmate after being checked again by the Department of Correction. The email usually can be received by the inmates within 48 hours. The inmate email service of JPay is the fastest and most robust service of email that is available to inmates in the country. Then, the inmates can respond electronically to the email that they have received, view and print the message and also view the photo attachments. But, this things can be done by the inmates depending on the facility that is owned by the department of corrections where the inmates stay. You also have to note that when you want to send an email, it requires a Stamp.

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