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The absence of one of our family members or friends is something sad. In addition, we also know that the process of corrections can be challenging because of that and feeling pressure of making the next restitution or supervision payment. But, since JPay is present, you do not have to own the pressure feeling again because we provide convenient, relevant services and building strong customer relationship, so we hope that the presence of JPay can make it a little easier.

JPay can help the family and friends of inmates to stay connected to their incarcerated ones via a variety of corrections-related services that are offered in more than 30 states across the country and also provide the fastest and most reliable payment options for individuals in community corrections. Then, what are the services that are offered by the JPay? Well, we provide the fastest and most secure method to send money, convenient and function-rich inmate email, innovative video visitation and music options, and parole, probation and post release services. You do not have to worried when you are using the help of JPay because we are the most trusted name in corrections.

Then, talk about using the help of JPay, for example sending money to the inmate, of course you wonder about the availability and the pricing of using the service. Well, if you want to know more details about availability and pricing of JPay service, you can access There, you will get the information about the fees, timing, service availability and facility or agency contact information. You just have to select the state of your inmate. Let’s take an example. For example, you select Arizona. Then, there will be drop down menu that show you a lot of options of corrections office. After that, you select one of the Department of Corrections, for example you select ASPC Florence. After you click that, it will show you the physical address of the department of corrections that you select. Because here we click ASPC Florence, then you will see the physical address of it is 1000 Fairgrounds Rd Globe, AZ, 85501 and the phone number is (520) 868- 4011. If you want to know about the rate of sending money, you can click on the Rates. There will be displayed the rates of online transfer and by phone transfer. For example, the rate of online transfer in ASPC Florence for $1.00 – 20.00 is $1.45. But if you choose by phone transfer for $1.00 – 20.00 the rate is $2.45. It means transfer money to your inmate by phone is more expensive than doing it online. So, if you want to transfer money to your inmates, it is better if you do it online so you will get the cheaper rates.

Well, throughout 9 years, JPay have prided on excellent customer service. Dedication of JPay team provides round-the-clock help to both the friends and relatives of inmates and also parolees, probationers and others making community corrections payments. So, if you want to keep in touch with your inmate, just use Jpay as your assistance.

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