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JPay Private Company provides services such as money transfer, email, videogram, education, JPay player and video visitation. There are many people who use its services to stay keep in touch with their loved inmates. Both of them and the inmates are very happy and satisfied with that JPay services. As we said before that one of JPay service is video visitation. JPay’s Video Visitation allows you to talk face-to face with your loved inmates from home by using a personal computer (PC). When you cannot go to the prison for your inmates because any reason, you can this video visitation too stay talk face to face with your loved inmate. Of course this is the great solution.

If you want to do JPay video visitation, you have to communicate with your inmate about the schedule a video visitation, it is include about the date and time. The inmate is going to receive a notification with the date and time of the video visitation. By the way, how to schedule a video visitation? If you want to know about its way, you are able to see its way in the text below.

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  1.  At the first step, on the JPay home page, you have to select “Video Visitation” on the Navigation menu. Then please select “Schedule New Visit”.
  2. The second step, on the Schedule Visit page, you have to select the “Video Visitation Terms of Use” link to read them. Once you have done read the terms of use, now you are able to select “Continue”.
  3. After that, select the day for your video visitation in the “Choose Date” box. Please select a date from the calendar. You can select on the arrows to change the month. Then you can select “Continue” once you have done.
  4. Afterwards in the “Choose Time” list, you have to select the time for your video visitation, and then select “Continue”. Next select “Continue” again.
  5. Please select the card which you want to use in the “Select card” list. Then you have to enter the validation code for the card. Once you have done, you can select “Continue”.
  6. The last, in the Payment Verification box, ensure that the information is correct. Then select “Continue”. Now, your video visit is added to your calendar and is able to be viewed on the Video Visits page. In addition, if you have been given a video visitation credit you will not be prompt for payment information.

If you need change the video visitation time or date, you can change it. To do that, you have to visit the Video Visits page. Then in the Video Visit box which you want to edit, you just need to select “Edit”. You are going to be led through the process of scheduling a video visitation. Besides changing the video visitation time or date, you can also delete a video visitation. If you want to delete a video visitation, you have to visit the Video Visits page. Then, in the Video Visit box you want to delete, you just need to select “Delete”. select “Ok” in the pop-up window.

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