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JPay online is present to allow the family and friends of inmates can communicate fast secure and easily with the inmates who are in the prison anytime they want. It is headquarter in Miramar, Florida which is founded in 2002 by Ryan Shapiro. This JPay Private Company cooperated with state, county and federal correctional facilities across the country to provided fast, safe, reliable and convenient services for family and friends of inmates. It is also provided the payment solutions for offenders, parolees and probationers. JPay online provides services such as money transfer, email, video gram, education, JPay player and video visitation. There are many people who use its services to stay keep in touch with their beloved inmates. Both family or friends and the inmates are very glad and satisfied with that JPay online service.

JPay online provide JPay’s inmate email service for the inmates in the United States prisons. Its JPay’s inmate email service is the fastest and the robust email service. The inmates are able to respond electronically, view and print the message, and view photo attachments by using email. This JPay’s email service is faster than regular mail. If the family or friends of inmates send mails to their beloved inmates, it is only within 48 hours the inmates are able to receive their emails. Each email which will send to the inmates needs the stamps. Therefore, before the family or friends of inmates sending mails, they should purchase the stamps. To purchase the stamps, you are able to purchase it by online. You are able also purchase it at JPay kiosks in the correctional facility. Usually, the price of the stamps is more affordable. It is cheaper than traditional postage.

JPay online also allows you to make online payments. When you want to send money with JPay, you are able assure that your beloved inmate will get the funds as you send. The process of sending money by using JPay is very fast and completely secure. In this case, you are able to send money by variety way. Those ways are through JPay, mobile phone, mail, MoneyGram or by toll free call. Usually, your inmate is able to receive that money in the next day. If you want to send money by phone, you can call at 1-800-574-5729. Then if you want to send money by using MoneyGram, you can visit the nearest MoneyGram location and you have to complete the MoneyGram Express Payment service form.

JPay private company provide JPay Tablets for inmates, those are JP5s and JP5mini. It is design specifically for the inmates in the United States so that the inmates can stay connect with the outside world. By using JPay tablet, the inmates can listen to music, read and write emails, play games, view photos and video and access educational materials. JPay online also provide JPay’s Video Visitation which allows you to meet your inmate without you visit to the prison. By using video visitation, you can talk face-to face with your loved inmates from your home.

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