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JPay tablets offer the inmates to educate themselves, entertain themselves, and also maintain communication with their family and friends so they are able to develop their skills and relationships. According to the research, there are around 80,000 tablets which are in use in 11 states. By the way, how much  is a JPay 6 tablet? Well, let us find out that information here.

How much  is a JPay 6 tablet?

The inmates in prison are able to buy the $69.99 tablet from a kiosk in their facility. Or someone will be able to JPay tablet for them. To communicate with the inmates in prison, family and friends of inmates are able to access JPay’s web platform or get the free JPay app on Android or iPhone. Need to know that the inmates have to purchase 40 cent stamps each time to email or send video messages. We get information that Troy Schulz could not put a price tag. In the past, they had cassette players and CD players. JPay started as an electronic payment service for the inmates. The business provided correction facilities with kiosks with access to music, messaging and books.

Apparently, JPay offers facilities to make their own stringent guidelines to filter messages. Today, Schulz’s facility marks about 8,000 words such as escape, gang names and more. Also, they can identify certain inmates by the level of threat their custody levels pose. All their messages which have high risk are screened manually. Aside from that, the devices come electronically tagged with the inmates’ information so that the inmates cannot abandon them after misuse. Keep in mind that having a JPay tablet does not mean the inmates are on Facebook, Twitter or other social media. Of course, the device is equipped with a secure boot loader on an Android operating system, so no other operating system will be able to be installed and the inmates cannot manipulate the platform.

In fact, the price of the JPay 6 tablet varies depending on the state. For this case, you need to get more information related to the price of the JPay 6 tablet from other sources.

JPay 6 Tablet Price 2021,

About JPay 6 Tablet

Securus Technologies released the next generation tablet for use in correctional facilities, the JP6S. You have to know that the JPay 6 is the most evolved tablet in the industry which was specifically constructed to increase quality of life for incarcerated individuals. The device is available as an upgrade option for the more than 300,000 incarcerated individuals who currently access the industry-leading JP5 and Secure View devices. As the pioneers of tablet technology, the Securus organization introduced the first corrections-grade tablet in the year of 2011, revolutionizing how to communicate, entertainment, and reentry. Also, educational resources are deployed in complex corrections environments. JPay 6 promises to do even more.

As the first major tablet which launched in the corrections industry in more than three years, Securus built the JPay 6 to meet the needs and preferences of individuals in prison. Securus organization has led tablet development for a decade and used the feedback, critique and also requests from the direct user-base, such as extended battery life and increased storage concerns, to offer upgraded tablet hardware and deliver a better user-experience.

Dave Abel, President and CEO of Aventiv Technologies, parent company of Securus Technologies said that they are committed to investing in technology advancements and also innovating capabilities so that they are able to provide an affordable tablet program which individuals in prison can rely on for their educational and communication needs. Also, he said that it is very important for them that they leverage their customers’ sentiments and take actionable steps towards meeting all their customers’ needs. Their customers’ feedback is the driving force behind building their next generation of tablets.

The JPay 6 tablet can accommodate the full suite of Securus applications available on legacy tablets, including music, movies, games, ebooks, and a comprehensive suite of no-cost re-entry, self-help, and education resources. Also, it is equipped with safety and security features, including additional screws and adhesives for keeping the device intact and deter destruction or misuse. This flexibility and security creates it suitable for short-term jails and long-term prison environments.

Colby Braun, Director of Facility Operations for North Dakota Department of Corrections said that they have seen measurable improvement on the mood and behavior of the people living in prison once they are given access to tablets and communications technology. It is a vital component to the comprehensive education and reentry programs offered in North Dakota. Their population and staff are excited for the new, upgraded JP6S tablet design.

As far now, the corrections industry continues to work towards a system which is focused on rehabilitation and improving re-entry success, instead of solely incarceration. Of course, tablet technology plays a crucial role in the rehabilitation and reentry process. The JPay 6 tablet will continue to support the positive impact handheld technology has had on the country’s incarcerated population.

The JPay 6 Tablet features

Especially designed with user-driven features and built to closely mirror technology used by the general public, the JPay 6 operates up to 13 hours before charging. It provides up to 32GB of storage. Also, JPay 6 delivers 140-hours of music play time. It performs two times faster on a sharp 1280×800 screen resolution and includes more features which make an enjoyable user experience. Additional improvements on the JPay 6 include a thinner, sleeker design which weighs only 17 ounces, a new Android 8.1 operating system, an optional 2 megapixel camera, rugged protective casing with impact-resistance glass, and also built-in secure Wi-Fi with dual band support (2.4GHz and 5GHz).

The JPay 6 tablet has greater performance through faster processors for an increased user experience and also a stronger battery for extended battery life.

Simply, we are able to say that the JPay 6 tablet comes with:

  • 7″ Touchscreen
  • Better resolution 1280×800
  • Thinner hardware
  • Easy handling
  • 3X battery life, 500 cycle
  • 32GB storage
  • An optional 2 megapixel camera

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