What Can You Do on a JPay Tablet

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As an inmate, you may want to enjoy some entertainment and even you may want to get information and education. So, you are able to buy a JPay tablet. By buying a JPay tablet, you are able to do a number of things. What are they? Here we are going to explain the things that you can do on JPay.

The Things to Do on JPay Tablet

If the inmate has a JPay tablet, there are a number of things that she/he can do on their JPay tablet. And here are the things that inmates can do on the JPay tablet.

  • Inmates are allowed to place a phone call.
  • Inmates are able to send and receive emails, eCards and VideoGrams.
  • Inmates can advance their education with course material, podcasts and eBooks.
  • Inmates can access and buy games, play music, and rent movies.
  • Inmates are permitted to read daily news.

Those are the things that the inmates do on the JPay tablet. So, if inmates want to enjoy these things, they can buy it. For friends and family members, if they want to make their inmates enjoy these things while their inmates are in prison, they are able to buy it for the inmates.

What Can You Do on a JPay Tablet

How to Buy a JPay Tablet

After you know the things that you can do on a JPay tablet and you are interested in buying this device, now you need to know how to buy a JPay tablet. JPay tablet or JPay player is an electronic item and it allows inmates or offenders to be able to download songs and listen to them in their spare time. Besides, in the JPay tablet, they are also allowed to play games and listen to FM radio. A JPay tablet can be purchased by the inmate using their JPay credits. If the family or friends of the inmate want to buy it for the inmate, they can do it as well.

Here are the steps to buy a JPay tablet.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to access the JPay website.
  • After accessing the JPay website, in the home page of the JPay, you need to look at the Navigation menu and then click on Music.
  • On the Music menu, you must click on Buy JPay Player.
  • Now, on the Buy JPay Player page, you have to click on the drop down list box to Select Player. And then, don’t forget to click on the Continue button.
  • In this step, you have to choose the payment method that you want to use. You are able to do that by selecting a previously saved card from the Select Card list. Another way is you are able to click on the Use a New Credit/ Debit Card if you choose to use a new card. If you choose this one, you will be taken to add billing information for the new card. But if you do not choose it, you are able simply to click on the Continue button.
  • When you are in the Payment Verification box, you must click on the text, Terms of Service to read them. After that, you must choose the checkbox which acknowledges that you have read and agree to the terms of service. And then, you have to make sure that you click on the Continue button.

After you have followed the steps above, JPay will start to process your order as soon as possible. They will deliver the player in an estimated 45 business days. However, you need to note that the timeframe may be different based on the availability and facility schedules.

The Tablets Available in JPay

There are some types of tablets which are available in JPay. However, before you buy a JPay tablet for your inmate, you have to make sure that the JPay tablet is available in the correctional agency where the inmate is incarcerated. You are able to check it in the Pricing and Availability page in the official website of JPay.

And here are the types of tablets which are available in Jpay. You are able to read the specifications of each tablet below. And then you can compare one to another. If you find that the JPay tablet is available in the correctional agency where your inmate is incarcerated, then you can choose which tablet is the best for your inmate. Alternatively, you are able to ask the inmate first to know which tablet that she / he wants.

  • JP6S Tablet

This tablet is the latest and most advanced tablet in corrections. It will give you better performance and also faster processors for an increased user experience. In addition, this tablet also has a stronger battery for extended battery life. What are the features of this tablet? Those are listed below.

    • This tablet is available in a 7″ touchscreen.
    • This tablet has better resolution.
    • This tablet has thinner hardware for easy handling.
    • This tablet has 3x battery life and 500 cycles.
    • This tablet has 32 GB storage.
  • JP5S Tablet

This tablet can be found in a 7″ touchscreen and it has 32GB storage.

  • JP5S Mini

This tablet is available in a 4.3″ touchscreen and it has 16 GB storage.

Once again, it is important for you to know that the availability of tablet models and application services vary by state or agency. You are able to log into your JPay account to check what tablet model is available for your inmate.

If you want to give a tablet to an inmate, the first thing that you have to do is to login to your JPay account. If you do not have an account yet, then you must create a JPay account first. After creating an account on JPay, you can buy a tablet. If you find that the JP6S is not available to buy, but it is available to your inmate to buy, you are able to fund their Media Account to give funds. Then, the inmate will use the fund that you send to buy the new tablet. The JPay team will then prepare the tablet and it will be shipped to the agency. If the tablet has been received, the agency will deliver it to the inmate.

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