How to Get More Stamps on JPay Easily

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If you want to send an email to an inmate on JPay, you will need the stamps. Of course, after you have bought the stamps, you’re able to send an email to an inmate/offender. With stamps, you and your loved ones will stay-connected through email exchanges.

Sure, you may wonder how to get more stamps on JPay to make you send more emails to your loved ones. However, the coverage of JPay stamps is limited. So, is it possible to get more stamps of limited quantity? Let’s find out the answer from our post below!

Can You Get More Stamps on JPay?

We emphasize that you cannot get more stamps if you do not buy them more. So, what you should do to get more stamps is to buy more on JPay. It means that you can buy more stamps and send more emails to an inmate too. It’s important to note, frequently sending emails to an inmate is inappropriate too.

So, if you want to send a long email to an inmate, make sure to buy the stamps with certain letters available. Sure, the cost of stamps will be different in each state/facility. A stamp commonly costs starting from $0.4 to $0.5.

We give you an example of stamp price that you will get from the Department of Corrections Washington State, here you go!

Product/Service Rate Amount Applicable Individual
Stamp Packages $2.00 6 stamps Inmate or Customer
Stamp Packages $5.00 20 stamps Inmate or Customer
Stamp Packages $7.50 35 stamps Inmate or Customer
Stamp Packages $10.00 60 stamps Inmate or Customer
Email 1 stamp per email Inmate or Customer
Photo Attachment 1 Stamp per attachment Customer
eCard 1 Stamp per attachment Inmate or Customer
Snap N’ Send 1 Stamp per photo Customer
Inbound VideoGram 5 Stamps per 30 second video clip Customer

Generally, the stamp package in each facility/state will get you different letters, for example:

  • $2.50 will get you 10 letters
  • $5.00 will get you 20 letters
  • $12.50 will get you 50 letters

So, make sure you buy the stamps depending on how many words you will convey to an inmate. If you want to tell something, it’s better for you to buy the stamps at a higher price. The point is, make sure to buy the stamps as you need. If you want more stamps, you should buy more. On the other hand, the more stamps you buy, the more emails you will send to an inmate.

Moreover, you may be able to get more stamps for free if there’s a JPay’s promotional campaign. However, this event is totally rare.

Here’s How to Buy Stamps!

  • Firstly, go to the JPay home page.
  • Then, click on the ‘Email’ section on the Compose Page.

on the Navigation menu, click Email1

  • Here, you will see the ‘Buy Stamps’ option, click on it.

Buy Stamps’ option, click on it

  • On the Buy Stamps page, you need to choose the stamp package you want and click the ‘Continue’ button.
  • In this step, you need to choose your payment method by choosing a previously saved card from the ‘Select card’ list, or click ‘Use a new credit/debit card’ to use a new card.

choose your payment method

  • After that, you will be prompted to add billing information for the new card.
  • Then, click on the ‘Continue’.
  • In the ‘Payment Verification’ box, you can click on the text, ‘JPay Email/eMessaging Terms of Use’ to read them.
  • After that, choose the checkbox acknowledging you have read and agree to JPay’s eMessaging Terms of Use.
  • Here, you have to confirm the payment information is correct in the ‘Payment Verification’ box.
  • Last, click on the ‘Buy Stamps’ button to start buying the stamp.

Congratulations! You successfully buy the stamp and get started to send email to an inmate/offender.

How to Check Your Stamp Purchase History?

If you want to see the stamp purchases, you can check it through the purchase history. Here’s how to check the purchase history!

  • Go to the JPay home page.
  • On the Navigation menu, you need to click on the ‘Email’ section.


  • On the Compose page, click on the ‘Purchase History’ on the Email menu.

click on the ‘Purchase History’

  • Then, you can click on the ‘Print Version’ on the ‘Purchase History’ page to see a printed version of your purchase history.

That’s it! You can view your stamp purchase history easily.

Starting to Send Email to An Inmate After Buying Stamps!

To send an email to your loved one in prison, you should take some simple ways below!

  • Go to
  • Once you are at the JPay page, you should login by entering your username and password. Instead if you have no JPay account yet, you should register first.
  • On the JPay homepage, you can click on Email button on the Navigation menu.
  • You can then enter the content for your email on the Compose page.
  • You surely can attach an image, a video and even record and attach a VideoGram. If you want to attach an image, you can click on Attach Image, click Attach Video to attach a video and then click on Record Video if you want to record and attach a VideoGram.
  • Afterwards, you can then click on the Send button to send your email to the inmate.
  • If you do not see the Send button, you surely need to purchase the stamps beforehand.
  • Before you can send your email, you can also preview it by clicking on the Preview button. when you preview your email, the format will be .pdf.

Congratulations! You successfully send email to your loved one in prison. Alternatively, you can buy the stamps before you compose an email.

About JPay Email Service

JPay Email Service allows an inmate’s family and friends to write electronic letters to their loved ones behind the bar. JPay’s email service will work differently than your email service at home. Well, an inmate will receive an email depending on the schedule which is set by the facility.

Then, the emails are subject to screen and delivery rules which apply to the traditional mail. Inmates will receive their email within 24 to 48 hours. Thankfully, an inmate’s family and friends can send unlimited amounts of emails to your loved one in prison. With JPay email service, one JPay stamp will let you up to 6000 characters or about 6 pages of handwriting.

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