How to Get JPay Tablet Unlock After Release

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After release, the inmates are able to get a JPay tablet unlocked. By the way, how to get a JPay tablet unlocked after release? To find out that answer, you have to read this entire article. Here we are going to explain about that.

Getting a JPay tablet unlock after release

Do inmates get to take their JPay tablet with them when released? Yes. of course. A JPay tablet may be sent to JPay after an inmate is released to unlock it so that the JPay tablet owner can continue to use the content purchased when incarcerated.

For those who have been released from the prison, and want to send your JPay tablet player back to unlock, so you are able to contact JPay. You will be able to send email for them. Please ensure to include your name, previous ID #, a phone number to contact you with the status of the JPay Tablet and a mailing address to return the unlocked JPay tablet. Once your JPay tablet is unlocked, then you are able to connect it to a computer to upload your media downloads as well as add new media to the device.

How to Get JPay Tablet Unlock After Release


What services are available on the JPay tablet?

When the inmates buy a JPay tablet, they are going to get some services from the JPay tablet.

Music Products

  • With a JPay tablet, the inmates are able to listen to purchased songs.
  • The inmates are able to buy and download songs from an abbreviated catalog. For your information, the full catalog is available on JPay’s Offender Kiosks.
  • There is a FM radio tuner on each tablet (no cost)

Movie / Content Rentals

The inmates will be able to watch some certain movies on the JPay tablet.


  • With a JPay tablet, the inmates are able to compose and send emails. For note: Emails with text just cost 1 JPay Stamp. The inmates initially receive 4 JPay stamps per month for free.
  • With a JPay tablet, the inmates are able read and receive emails (no cost).
  • With a JPay tablet, the inmates are able to see photos (when available).
  • With a JPay tablet, the inmates are able view VideoGrams (when available)


  • A couple of games are included on the JPay tablet. So, the inmates will be able to play a game on their JPay tablet.
  • Also, on the JPay tablet, the additional games may be purchased if needed.

Offender Request Services

  • Grievances
  • Medical Service Request
  • Communication with Classification Team

Educational Content

  • On the JPay tablet, the inmates can find KA Lite educational videos.
  • Daily news feeds like a newspaper are also available at a minimal cost.
  • On the JPay tablet, EBooks are available at a minimal cost.
  • There are individualized educational assignments via the school.

Offender Phone Service

The inmates are able to get phone service. So, they will be able to contact the JPay team if needed.

For note: The inmates will be able to make phone calls via JPay tablet at the same cost as a normal phone call. Keep in mind that all services will not be made available to all inmates. Several JPay tablet applications will be obtained with good behavior.

What services are available on JPay’s Kiosk?

As we know, the inmates in prison are able to buy the JPay tablet from a kiosk in their facility. Or family or friends of the inmates can buy a JPay tablet for them. To communicate with the loved ones in prison, family or friends of the inmates have to access JPay’s web platform or get the free JPay app on iPhone or Android.

In the text below, we share some other services available on JPay’s Kiosk.

  • Video Visitation (when available)
  • All offenders request services such as Medical Services Requests, Grievances, etc.
  • All email services
  • The ability to search a music catalog and purchase music
  • Purchased JPay content may be downloaded from the JPay kiosk if the wireless network is offline.

Is there a policy and procedure related to the JPay tablet?

At this time, the department is working to develop procedures pertaining to the JPay tablet as well as identify other departmental policies which may need to be updated as a result of this implementation.

Will staff have the ability to take away the inmate’s tablet for bad behavior?

Yes, of course. But It is their goal to keep the inmates connected to the JPay tablet as much as possible so they are receiving all of the benefits which are offered. Policies and procedures are going to be developed to specify what types of violations will result in the inmate losing JPay tablet privileges for specified amounts of time.

Can inmates send their photos from the JPay tablet?

No. There is no method to take photos with the JPay tablet as there is no camera. But, the inmates are able to store photos received from family and friends (when available) in the photo bucket section of their JPay tablet.

Is the JPay tablet waterproof?

The JPay tablet is water-resistant. Spills of water onto the JPay tablet will not destroy it. But if the JPay tablet is submerged in water, it is going to be destroyed (not under warranty). As all electronic devices, water should not be allowed to enter any open port on the device

What is the storage capacity of the JPay tablet?

32GB. A portion of this space is going to be used for software and required departmental information, while the remaining will be used by inmates for items purchased, etc. If the inmates run out of storage on their tablet, they are going to have the ability to store purchased content on JPay’s secure servers to free up space and retrieve at a later date.

Does the JPay tablet come with a warranty?

Yes, of course. The JPay tablet comes with a warranty of 90 days, but does not cover damage caused by the inmates.

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