How to Cancel a JPay Transaction

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Because of any reasons, you  may want to cancel your transaction on JPay. Commonly, the canceling transaction is performed when you make a payment or send money to an inmate. Thankfully, you can cancel your transaction on JPay if you wish. So, how to do it? Let’s see the way below!

Canceling Your Transaction on JPay, Here’s How!

If you want to cancel your transaction that you already do on JPay, you have to find your transaction you wish to cancel in the ‘Transaction History’ page. You can then click on the ‘Cancel’ button to cancel it. So, your transaction is successfully canceled.

What if you don’t see the ‘Cancel’ button? Of course, you will not see the ‘Cancel’ button if your transaction successfully proceeds. So, if you do not see the ‘Cancel’ button, it means that the funds have already been sent and can no longer be canceled.

So, if you want to make payment, send money, or anything you will, make sure to have careful consideration before doing it.

Additionally, if you want to get a document with all your transactions you have sent, you can send your request to

Can You Cancel Your Transaction If You Use a Wrong Debit/ Credit Card?

Of course, you are able to cancel your transaction when you use the wrong debit/ credit card. To cancel it, you can contact JPay customer service department to check whether your payment appears in a ‘Pending’ Status or not. If your payment appears, sure JPay will be glad to cancel your payment.

Otherwise, if your payment does not appear, JPay will not be able to cancel your transaction for you. It means that your payment has already proceeded. Then, if you see your transaction will be processed at a later time, please don’t try to process a second payment as your debit/credit card is being charged twice.

Can You Cancel Transactions When Transferring Money to Wrong Inmate?

Unfortunately, if you send money to the wrong inmate, you cannot get your money back. That’s because JPay does not have the ability to make changes to your transaction if sent to the wrong inmate. So, make sure you choose the correct inmate ID when you want to transfer money. For asking help, you can visit and then read their Legal Agreements, Payments Terms of Service, Section2.

How if an inmate has not  received the transfer yet? If you have transferred money to an inmate, but still have not  received your money yet, what you should do is to inquire with a Jpay’s Representative to check whether a refund is available or not.

Then, if you miss a phone number, you can call JPay to have the payment processed. Sure, JPay will not send MoneyGram payments which are processed with missing customer information.

Starting to Make a Payment on JPay

With JPay, you will make all of your community corrections payments and rest assured that your agency will receive those payments accurately and quickly. Either you are paying court costs or self-report fees and making restitution or making other supervision payments, JPay is such a great way which gives benefits for all of your parole, probation and pretrial diversion payment needs.

JPay provides a bunch of convenient payment methods which will allow you to make payments online with a debit or credit card from the comfort of your own home or make a cash payment at any of the 27,000 MoneyGram locations nationwide. Sure, you can find the nearest MoneyGram agent location.

  • Make a Payment with MoneyGram

MoneyGram can also be used to send money to inmates in cash. This service has a lot of convenient locations nationwide. The  MoneyGram services are available at Walmart, 7-11 and CVS Pharmacy.

To send money through MoneyGram to an inmate, you will need an inmate’s Correctional ID number and last name, the facility name or also receive code if you send money through MoneyGram, To find MoneyGram locations nearby, you can visit

  • Make a Payment with Money Order

Aside from MoneyGram, JPay also provides a quick way to make a payment with  money order. For most agencies and facilities, you’re able to send a money order directly to the JPay Money Order Lockbox where it will be processed electronically.

You can also send money to inmates with Money Order. You will need a cashier’s check if you send money to an inmate with a Money Order and also a JPay money order coupon for the state where you will send the money order. Download the JPay coupon here.

Let’s learn the JPay payment options to send money below!

JPay Official Site

If you always send money regularly as a recurring payment to an inmate, it’s highly recommended for you to send money orders to the official site of JPay at Here’s how to send money or make a payment through the JPay site.

  • Once you access the JPay site, create a JPay account first.
  • After registration, click on the ‘Money’ tab.
  • Enter an inmate’s ID you want to send money.
  • Choose your card you want to charge.
  • Last, confirm your information.
  • After the transaction is successful, your inmate trust account will take your money.

Congratulations! You successfully send money to an inmate.

JPay Mobile App

If you’re a busy person who doesn’t have much time to access the JPay site, alternatively, you can use the JPay Mobile App. Download the JPat Mobile App from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This app will ease you to access the JPay service and allow you to make a payment.

Toll-Free Phone

If you want to send money by phone or there’s any questions about your payment, you can dial the number at 1-800-574-5729 to speak with a live JPay call center agent 24/7. You can also use your debit/ credit card to send money by phone.

Lobby Kiosk

Lobby Kiosk is a spot which is provided by a facility to allow an inmate to receive money. You can use a credit card at the lobby kiosk to send  money to inmates. To check Lobby Kiosk at  the facility where an inmate resides, check it through the Availability & Pricing page.

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