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Jpay stamps are important for everyone from the outside world to send emails, photos, and VideoGrams to the loved ones in prison. As you probably know, sending these things to the inmates is different compared to the sending them to people who live freely outside the bar. While sending the regular emails just requires a device and an internet connection, sending JPay emails need JPay stamps in addition to these.

JPay stamps are available to be purchased online in the official website of JPay at For the inmates, they can get these stamps at the JPay kiosks in the correctional facility. The prices of these stamps vary, depending on the states. On average, the prices of the JPay stamps range from: $20 for 6 JPay stamps, $5.00 for 20 JPay stamps, $7.50 for 35 JPay stamps to $10.00 for 60 JPay stamps. In Texas, you can get 1 JPay stamp by spending $0.44, 20 JPay stamps by spending $8.80, and 100 JPay stamps by spending $4.40. If you want to get 60 JPay stamps in Ohio, you will need to spend $12. 60 JPay stamps in Washington costs you only $10. Michigan offers 100 JPay stamps for $20. Aside from that, the prices of JPay stamps also vary each facility. Please check out every facility one by one to compare the prices.

Before purchasing JPay stamps online in the official website of JPay or purchasing them at JPay kiosks in the correctional facility, you must be wondering if there are JPay stamps that can be obtained for free. everyone loves free stuff because why should you spend money if you can get them for free, right?

Actually, it is possible for you to get JPay stamps without having to spend any. For anyone who wants to get JPay stamps for free, joining the promotional campaign is a solution. JPay often holds some promotional events. In 2018, JPay offered a 10% off stamp purchases. The aim of the promotion was to help people to get easier way getting connected with the loved ones. The promotional stamp packages could be purchased on, the JPay mobile app and by calling the toll free number, 1-800-574-5729. This kind of promotion is usually available only for friends and family and not the inmates. It means the inmates have no chance to participate in this kind of event.

Sometimes, the other parties also take part in the promotional events. Last year, Florida Department of Correlations teamed up with JPay and Securus to give free stuff as an effort to support the inmates and their family members and friends. They gave a lot of free stuff, including one video visitation session per JPay account that linked to a Florida inmate, one phone call to 15 minutes in length per inmate each week, two JPay stamps for each inmate, each week. Not only that, they also gave additional JPay stamp packages at no additional cost. In addition, there were also bonus offering, which included:

  • 11 Stamp Bundle

Price: $4.40

Bonus: 1 additional JPay stamp

  • 27 Stamp Bundle

Price: $11.00

Bonus: 2 additional JPay stamps

  • 49 Stamp Bundle

Price: $18.00

Bonus: 4 additional JPay stamps

  • 77 Stamp bundle

Price: $25.00

Bonus: 7 additional JPay stamps

If you want to get free JPay stamps, you are encouraged to visit the official website of JPay regularly and it is even better if you follow the official social media of JPay and the correctional facilities.

While talking about free Jpay stamps, you might think of the promo codes that are all over the internet. Regarding these codes, it is better for you to avoid using them as the chance of them to be true is low. It has been known that the promo codes are mostly scam so only thinking about them is already a waste.

When you have enough money, the best way to get the JPay stamps is to purchase them online from If you are you want to buy JPay stamps online from JPay’s official website, please follow the following guide:

  • The first thing that should be done is to go to the official website of JPay at
  • When you are there, find the Navigation menu and click Email.

Navigation menu and click Email.

  • Then, click Buy Stamps on the Compose page on the Email menu.

buy stamps jpay

  • On the Buy Stamps page, the next thing that you have to do is to choose the stamp package that you want to purchase and then click Continue.
  • After that, you will be prompted to select the payment method. Feel free to choose a previously saved card from the Select card list or use a new card by clicking Use a new credit/debit card. If you prefer the later one, you will have to enter the billing information for the new card. Please click Continue after choosing one of these options.

payment method buy stamps

  • By doing so, the Payment Verification box will be shown. Upon seeing it, please click on the text, JPay Email/eMessaging Terms of Use to read them. Do not forget to choose the checkbox sindicating that you have read the eMessaging Terms of Use and you agree with it.
  • Lastly, confirm that the payment information is correct in the Payment Verification box and then click Buy Stamps.

You should be able to buy the JPay stamps smoothly by following each step mentioned above. If you find it hard and you need assistance, do not hesitate to contact the customer support of JPay. To talk to them directly, you can dial (800) 574-JPAY (5729). Since it is available for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, feel free to call whenever you want. The same number can also be used if you want to ask some questions related to anything about JPay. To contact them, there is actually another way, which is to send a mail to its mailing address at JPay LLC 10981 Marks Way Miramar, FL 33025.

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