How to Do JPay Video Visit on iPhone

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Talking while seeing your loved one’s face is the thing that you may want to do now. However, what do we have to do if our loved one is incarcerated. Is there any way that we can do to communicate with them? JPay can make it true by using its service named JPay Video Connect.

Doing a Video Visit on iPhone

JPay has a Video Visitation service which allows you and your inmate to be able to communicate with each other face to face. This service is done through your computer. However, can we do it on an iPhone? When we were trying to look for the information about video visitation on JPay using iPhone, we could not find the information about it and it seems that it will be better for you to do it through your computer.

As explained on the JPay website, the things that you need for doing a video visit are a webcam and a computer with the appropriate capabilities. So, it seems that you cannot do it on your smartphone, including your iPhone.

So, for being able to communicate with your inmate through Video Visit on JPay, you have to prepare a webcam and computer.

If you want to do a video visit with your inmate, you have to make a schedule first and you can schedule it on your JPay website. How to schedule a video visit on JPay? You are able to read the steps below.

The Steps to Make a Schedule of Video Visit on JPay

You have to communicate with your inmate or offender about the date and time for doing a video visit on JPay Connect before you schedule it. After you talk about the date and time with him/ her, then schedule it through the website of JPay.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to log into your JPay account.
  • When you are on the JPay home page, on the navigation menu, click on the JPay Video Connect and then click on the Schedule New JPay Video Connect.

Video Connect.

  • After that, on the Schedule JPay Video Connect page, you have to click on the JPay Video Connect Terms of Use link and read them. After you read the terms of use, then click on the Continue button.
  •  In the Choose Date box, choose the day for your JPay Video Connect by clicking on the arrows to change the month and click on the specific date from the calendar. And then, the Continue button must be clicked.

 In the Choose Date box, choose the day for your JPay Video Connect

  • In the Choose Time list, you have to choose the time for your JPay Video Connect and then don’t forget to click on the Continue button. Click on the Continue button once again.
  • In this step, you must choose the payment method that you want to use and you can do that by choosing a previously saved card from the Select Card list. Alternatively, you are able to use a new credit/ debit card by clicking on the Use a New Credit/Debit Card. If you choose this option, you must add billing information for the new card. And then, click on the Continue button.

payment method2

  • When you are in the Payment Verification box, make sure that the information that appears on the screen is right and then you have to click on the Continue button. Now, your JPay Video Connect is added to your calendar and you can view it on the JPay Video Connect page.

Now, after you make a schedule of a Video Visit on JPay, your inmate or offender will receive a notification with the date and time of the JPay Video Connect.

Purchasing Video Visit and The Requirements to Take Part in a Video Visit

A video visit which is offered by JPay is a virtual way that  you and inmates do to communicate with each other. With it, you can talk face to face from your home by using your personal computer. To be able to enjoy this service, you have to buy a video visitation session. To be able to buy it, you must have a JPay account and also have a MasterCard, Visa, or Discover on file. The length of the video visit that you can do with your inmate is up to 30 minutes.

Do you want to join a video visit on JPay?  There are some requirements for doing it as you can see in the list below.

  • You must be sure that you are on the approved visitor list.
  • Having a JPay account is a must.
  • You must have a good internet connection.
  • There must be speakers, a microphone and a webcam in your PC.

Things to Check to Have a Successful Video Visit

Before you know about the things to check to have a successful video visit, first, you need to make sure that your video visitation was confirmed and also approved by the agency of your incarcerated one. Then, you can check several things to make sure that you can have a successful video visit.

You have to log into your JPay account. And then, you must verify that your computer is connected to the internet and the internet connection must be good. Besides, you also must check that your camera is working correctly, your speakers can produce sound and your microphone is plugged into your computer.

Before your first video visit, there will be a test from the system where it will  test whether your computer meets the requirements or not. The other thing that you need to check is the light in your room. You must make sure that there is enough light on the room that you want to use for video visitation. However, make sure that there is no light directly facing your webcam. Also, you have to make sure that you switch off your radio, TV or any other source of noise before starting the visit so that you will not be bothered with it.

When you are doing a video visit, don’t run any programs or downloads in the background. It is because if you do these things, it can overload your processor and as a result it will cause programs to quit unexpectedly including your video visit. You do not want this bad thing to happen, do you?

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