How Long Does It Take to Receive CorrLinks Messages

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One of the advantages of using CorrLinks is to send messages to the loved one behind the bar. Not only the ones from the outside world, it is also possible for the inmates to send messages to their loved ones with the help of CorrLinks. A lot of people have been wondering about the time it takes to receive the messages. If you are one of those who are wondering about the same thing, you will be able to find the answer to your curiosity below.

The Time It Takes to Receive CorrLinks Messages

According to, it may take about an hour for the messages to be received by the inmate. What makes it take too much time is because of the staff monitoring. Meanwhile, it needs about 20 minutes for the messages from an inmate to be received by the ones from the outside.

In case the messages that you send are not delivered, the possibility is that it has been held up or rejected by the institution for certain reasons, including security reasons. If you are wondering if you will get a refund, unfortunately, you will not because the fee charged by them is the cost of transporting the message to the facility.

About Text Messages Service

A Text Message service is offered by CorrLinks to help people and their inmates. The messages are sent and received directly to the phones with this service. To take advantage of this service, spending money for the service is required.

The message will be sent by your loved one through the email service that is available at the place where they live. It will be sent in the form of text. The system default makes it possible for you to send only 150 characters. In case the message is long, it is possible for you to receive a maximum of the first 1,000 characters through a total of 8 text messages.

Questions and Answers about CorrLinks Messages

  1. Question: What should be done to send a message?

Answer: In order to send a message, the first thing that you have to do is to log in to the official website of CorrLinks at When you are there, you will need to find a Mailbox. Once it is found, please click it. Then, click New Message. When you see something that says Click to add recipients, click the mouse and then put a check in the box that is located beside the name of the inmate. After that, click Ok. The next thing is to enter the subject and the message that you want the loved one to know. When you are done, do not forget to click Send so that the email can be received by the inmate.

  1. Question: Is it possible for the message to be held up for delivery?

Answer: The institution staff have a right to decide what will happen to the emails. They can review, hold, and or reject them.

  1. Question: If the message is rejected, is there a refund fee?

Answer: As mentioned above, the fee to send a letter is the cost of transporting the message to the facility. It means there will be no refund in case one is rejected by the institution. It works the same way as traditional mail.

  1. Question: When will they allow you to send messages to inmates at a certain institution?

Answer: CorrLinks is working every day to add facilities for people outside the world to get in touch with the ones behind the bar. Unfortunately, no one knows when a facility will be added. If the facility of your loved one is included in the ones that can use CorrLinks, it is possible for you to add them to your address book as long as there is the inmate number.

  1. Question: Are the messages being monitored?

Answer: The answer to the question actually depends on the institution. If it is needed, the messages for the inmates might be monitored. All the messages are not monitored by the staff of CorrLinks but if the institution asks, the staff will help it.

  1. Question: What should you do if you have unread messages but you cannot see them?

Answer: By default, the inbox shows the messages that are received in the last two weeks. If you want to see all the messages that you have not read, you can just click the Unread Messages Only checkbox. If the unread messages are still nowhere to be seen, you might want to delete your temporary internet files.

  1. Question: How to get notified when a new email is received?

Answer: Just like most of the solutions, firstly, go to the official website of CorrLinks at Then, click Account Management. Next, click Manage My Inmate List. The last thing is to click the box found under the email alert beside the name of the inmate. Just like that, you will get notified when there is a new email from the inmate that you registered.

  1. Question: What should you do if you want to unblock an inmate?

Answer:  If you want to unblock an inmate, it is a must for you to send a written request to the institution to let them know that you would like the block to be removed. The appropriate mailing address is able to be found in Once the block is removed, the inmate has to re-add your email to generate a new invitation to you with a new id code. After receiving that, please log in to your Corrlinks account and then add the id number.

  1. Question: Why do you see that your inmate is unavailable?

Answer: Sometimes, the chance that the inmate has to access the messaging will be restricted by the correctional institution. During the period, there is no way for you to contact the inmate. You will get a notification when they are available to be contacted.

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