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Instead of being able to send a message, you get a notification that an inmate is unavailable. The notification may inform you that an inmate you want to send a message does not have access to messaging. It also notify you that you will then receive the notification when an inmate is again eligible for messaging.

By the time you receive the notification, you may be confused as to what has happened. You then think whether you have done something wrong or said something bad in your message to him. Moreover, you are also worried about the inmate you have sent a message to, afraid that something will happen to him/her in prison, right?

Reasons Why an Inmate is Unavailable

Certainly, an inmate who becomes suddenly unavailable can be caused by several things. Of course, it is not known how long the inmate will be able to return to having access for messaging, considering there are plenty of reasons why an inmate becomes unavailable.

According to some forums, an inmate becomes unavailable due to the following reasons:

  • A correctional institution may restrict an inmate’s access for messaging. Of course, the inmate will be unavailable for you to contact, during those times.
  • There is an inmate blocking
  • He/ She might get into trouble and have a privilege to hold.
  • It might be caused by a facility transfer. They exit the system and log back in when they settle down again.
  • If he/she is a federal inmate, it is possible that he/ she was transferred to the same facility as another, so he/she no longer has access for messaging.
  • The existence of unscrupulous prison staff who accommodate your messages and contact information, so that your contact details will be sold and used to commit various frauds.
  • There is a possibility of bad words in the email or text messages.

Well, those are some reasons that can cause why an inmate is not available on your inmate’s list. We only explain some reasons why an inmate becomes unavailable. Here are they:

  • Possibility of bad words

You should know that the institution which houses an inmate will monitor any or all messages/emails for any or all inmates. In this case, the CorrLinks staff may not monitor your messages, but the team probably has to help the institution in such monitoring from time to time.

The institution will determine its need for monitoring letters, messages and other communication. However, not all inmates have Corrlinks access. Inmates here may be barred from using this service if their particular crimes involve the use of a computer in any manner.

Sure, this system does not allow inmates access to the internet and all incoming and outgoing messages will be monitored. Emails will be limited to 13,000 characters and no attachments are allowed, it’s because the attachments will be removed which sometimes corrupts the rest of the message.

Why are your messages monitored? That’s because there’s little chance that the content of the message will endanger the public or the safety, security or order of operation of the prison. So, the institution staff have the final authority for delivery of any and all messages and may review, hold, or reject the message just like any other package or letter entering the institution.

  • There is an inmate blocking

If you block an inmate, of course, you cannot send an email to them. In order to send them an email back, you surely have to unblock them first. To unblock an inmate, you should send a written request to the institution to notify them that you want  the block removed.

After that, you will have to retrieve the prison’s mailing address by visiting After the block is removed, the inmate will have to add your email again to create a new invitation to you. If an inmate has sent you the Identification Code and you already approve it, of course, you can stay-connected again with an inmate in prison.

It’s important to note that unblocking an inmate from your blocking list becomes a bit harder than blocking an inmate.

  • Because your inmate is federal inmate

If an inmate that you want to send a message is a federal inmate, there’s a possibility that he/ she is in trouble. If that’s true, then email privileges will be taken away due to internal bad behavior or he/ she was transferred to the same facility as another, so he/she no longer has access for messaging.

Okay, those are some reasons why an inmate becomes unavailable. Sure, there will be other reasons that caused this to happen.

How to Get Started with CorrLinks?

CorrLinks seemingly bridges inmates and people outside to stay-connected. This computer system helps federal prisoners to provide a bunch of services to send and receive emails to their loved ones in prison. Sure, their messages will closely be monitored, so, there’s no direct access between the inmates and their families or friends outside.

  • To use the CorrLinks, access the CorrLinks site here.
  • Once accessing this page, you will be taken into the email and password page where you should enter your name, email address and your password.
  • You will then receive an email/invitation with inmate identification code. After all the categories from name until the identification codes are filled, you’re good to go.
  • Here, you should use the same email for CorrLinks where you obtained the email of identification code or else the system won’t work.
  • Once registering once, you will only be required to use your email address and password to access your CorrLinks account.
  • Well, the Inmate Identification Code here is what you will have to compose an email for an inmate. After you get the inmate Identification Code, you’re able to add that particular inmate with you.
  • This commonly depends on the operating staff when they will eventually deliver your email to an inmate once checking it thoroughly.
  • Here, you should click on the option of ‘Enable Email Alert’ to avoid checking CorrLink daily to see whether an inmate has sent you an email or not. By choosing this option, you will automatically be notified of any received email.
  • Then, you will receive a verification email from and there will be a link to sign up verification link. So, you should click on the link to go further.
  • After that, you will be taken into the Sign Up page where you are required to fill in your details.
  • Last, click on the ‘Next’, to take you into your CorrLinks account page.

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