JPay is known as correctical-related provider in the United States. This company provides several best services such as sending money, […]

When you know that one of your family or friends becomes an inmate and then you are separated with him, […]

In this 21st century, searching and even staying connected with the inmate can be easier thanks to technology. The existence […]

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JPay is the private company that allows the family and friends of inmates to communicate safely and fast where they […]

Do you have the¬†incarcerated family member or friend? What provider do you use to get connected to them? Are you […]

There is commissary order list in some correctional company. Do you know what commissary order list is? Well, we will […]

JPay is known by public as one of the private company which held the corrections related service in the United […]

JPay Company was built by Ryan Shapiro in 2002. This company has operated in more than 30 states in the […]

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