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JPay is known as correctical-related provider in the United States. This company provides several best services such as sending money, sending email, sending videogram, doing video visitation, buying JPay player, paying parole and probation, and buying phone time. Aside from that, every inmate including your loved one, can get the education from JPay’s Latern, KA Lite, eBooks, and some educational games. Those educational things managed to update the knowledge of the inmates and to educate and rehabilitate them so the recidivism can be reduced. In serving the best services and providing the best products, JPay has contracts with DOC or Department of Correction, private federal prisons, and county jail in more than 30 states in the United States. One of those Department of Correction that has contract with JPay is called Colorado Department of Corrections. This one is also known as JPay Colorado Department of Corrections.

Apparently, Colorado Department of Corrections is the main department of Colorado state government. It runs the prisons of state. This corrections is headquartered in the Spring Office Park in unincorporated El Paso County, Colorado, the United States. For your information, this department operates 20 state-run prisons and merged with 5 private prisons in Colorado.

Some of State-Run Prisons of Colorado Department of Corrections include Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility in Ordway, Arrowhead Correctional Center in Canon City, Buena Vista Correctional Facility in Buena Vista, Colorado State Penitentiary in Canon City, Limon Correctional Facility in Limon and so on. For the Private Prisons of Colorado Department of Corrections, the examples are Bent Counttry Correctional Facility in Las Animas, Crowley Country Correctional Facility in Olney Springs, Cheyenne Mountain Re-Entry Center in Colorado Springs, Hudson Correctional Facility in Hudson, and High Plains Correctional Facility in Brush. As for the Closed Prisons of Corrolado Department of Corrections, those are Kit Carson Correctional Center in Burlington, Fort Lyon Correctional Facility, and Huerfano Country Correctional Center in Walsenburg.

JPay, including JPay Colorado Department of Corrections provides the easy electronic method to transfer money to the inmate. Some options that you can select to send money to your inmate are transferring via online with the credit or debit card, transferring via phone with the credit or debit card, and transferring personally via cash in the location throughout the country.

As stated before, sending money via JPay is fast. Money you transferred before 4 pm can be received by the inmate in the next day. How about the rates of sending money? The rates are different in every place. The method of the payment is what makes it different. For more information about the rates, please visit the official website of JPay and look for the Availability and Pricing. In the same page, you can also find the jails or the locations that have the service of JPay beside JPay Colorado.

Please visit the official website of JPay to know more about JPay Colorado Department of Corrections. If you need a help related to anything, you can call the customer service of JPay.

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