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JPay is known as the private company that partners with the state, the county, and the correctional facilities across the country in order to provide the services for family and friends of inmates. All DOC or Department of Corrections prisons give the facility of JPay services. On of the services of JPay is called JPay Videogram. What is this service exactly?


JPay Videogram is a video that can you create to attach to the emails you will send to the inmate or the offender. The inmate or the offender can use the webcam and the microphone from the PC (Personal Computer) or laptop  to record the video. In order to make the Videogram, the system will take the control of the default web camera to record the video of the inmates for their friends or relatives. For your information, the duration of Videogram is limited to 30 seconds.

JPay Videogram

How to Purchase JPay Videogram

To purchase it, you have to open the official website of JPay. One thing for sure, you should have an account of JPay. Once you logged in, please select on the video tab and then follow the prompts.

Prepare Several Things Before You Record a Viodegram

  1. You have to be on the approved visitor list of the inmate.
  2. You have to own the account of Jpay, as stated before.
  3. You must have the high speed Internet access.
  4. Your PC must have speakers, microphone, and webcame.

How to Create JPay Videogram

There are some steps you need to follow:

  1. Choose Record Video on the page of Compose when creating the email.
  2. Then, Select the button of the Record in order to record the Videogram. It is in the Videogram Room. There will be a pop up open asking you to allow the system to take the control of the web camera and microphone. You just have to select Allow and then recording will begin. As a note, you are allowed to select the Pause button if you want to pause or to stop the recording before the time limit comes. After recording done, please select Attach. Apparently, you are able to review the Videogram using the Review button. Just select the button and it will play.

Other Tips to Make Sure that You send the Videogram Successfully

  1. Verify that your PC is connected to the Internet and the web camera is working well.
  2. Make sure that there is enough light on the room but no direct light directing to the web camera.
  3. Be sure that your TV, radio, or any other ones are off before start the recording.
  4. The last one to remember is that you have to stop any programs or downloads in the background while you are recording the Videogram so the processor will not be overloaded and there will be no issue to your programs, including the Videogram.

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