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JPay Private Company not only allows the family or friends of inmates to communicate but also allows sending money. There are several ways to sending money to beloved inmates. Those are through, phone call, Money Gram, Money Order and Lobby Kiosks. Many people use to send money to their beloved inmates. If you send money through, you are able to use your credit card because the online system of allows the people to use credit cards for money transfer transactions. It makes JPay become the quickest and most convenient way to get funds to your inmates. Well, in this article, we are going to share how to send money by using credit card. If you want to know its way, you can see step by step in the text below.

  1. The first step, on the JPay home page, you have to click “Send Money” on the navigation menu.
  2. The second step, on the “Send Money” page, you have to do one of the following:
  • In the “Transfer Category” list, you have to select a transfer category and then click “Continue”.
  • Or if no Transfer Category is available, you are able to click “Continue”.
  1. The third step, in the “Select card” list, you have to select the card which you want to use then please enter the validation code for the card. A card validation code is also known as a CVV or CVV2 code. It is three digit codes that located inside a white box on the right side of the back of your card. Usually, it is near the signature strip.
  2. The fourth step, in the “Enter Amount” field, you have to enter the amount of money that you want to send to your inmate.Then, you are able to click “Continue”.
  3. The last step, in the Payment Verification box, you have to ensure that the information is correct. Now you are able to click “Submit”.

As we said before that you are able to send money to your inmates via phone call. If you want to sending money via JPay Phone Number, you can call at 1-800-574-5729. Usually, the funds sent through or by using credit card are available at the next day. You do not be worry for this. Your inmate is going to get the funds as you sent. Even, ensures that the process of sending money is guaranteed, both for you and your inmate. If you want to check your money transfers, you can check it on the Transfer History page. You are able to follow these steps below if you want to check your transfer history.

  1. On the JPay home page, you have to click “Send Money” on the navigation menu.
  2. On the “Send Money” menu, you have to click “Transfer History”.
  3. After that, in the “Transfer History” list, you are able to click on an item row to view the statement for that transfer.

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