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Jpay is a held corrections-related services provider that is based in the United States and the headquarters is in Miramar, Florida. This company has contracts with county jails, state Departments of Corrections, and also private federal prisons to provide technologies and also services that includes money transfer, video visitation, email, and also parole and probation payments to approximately 1.5 million inmates throughout 35 states.

Lately released inmates are being financially penalized because of a loophole in the rules which exempts prison prepaid cards from standard debit card regulations. It takes from the already limited amount of money former prisoners receive from family contributions or earned from miscellaneous jobs while the inmates were incarcerated. Every prisoner will be given a release card when he finishes his sentence or qualifies for parole. It is a prepaid debit card which contains all of the remaining money which has been given by his family members during his time in prison. It includes any money that he earned via the work opportunities at the prison as well such as sorting books in the library or cleaning parts of the facilities.

Talk about release card, Jpay is one of company that also handle the cards for state and local facilities. Release card of JPay or JPay Progress Card is a prepaid MasterCard which can be used to buy goods and services anywhere the MasterCard logo is displayed. This Progress Card is automatically set up for swipe transactions and you have to register and activate it to take the advantage of the additional benefits that includes:

  • Loads funds
  • ATM withdrawals
  • Update your PIN
  • Manage and check account information

To activate or manage your card, you can visit and click on Activate Your Card which is in the green box or click Manage Your Card if you want to manage it. JPay Prepaid MasterCard gives you the convenience, freedom, protection and strength of the MasterCard brand, permitting you to make purchases at millions of locations worldwide. By this release card, you can shop online, book travel, have your employer pay you electronically and the money will go right to your JPay Prepaid MasterCard, and also share funds instantly with family or friends using Money Share (Money Share is not available between JPay Prepaid MasterCard cards). The card is issued by Sunrise Banks, N.A., member FDIC, pursuant to a license from MasterCard International.

As we mentioned above that you have to register the card because the government of the United States and the issuing bank require that each customer provide your name, address, contact information, date of birth, and one form of government issued identification to take full advantage of the card. Registering card also can help us with serving you as our customer and in replacing the card if it is lost or even stolen. If you want to load money onto the prepaid card you can load cash onto your card at any Green Dot agent retail reload location. You are able to load money to your card by using direct deposit of your paycheck or federal or state benefits. There is no minimum load but you can load to the $5,000 maximum load amount and the maximum amount of value which can reside on the card account is $10,000.

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